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  1. Hi Both, The motor runs continuously after each play, i thought i may have snagged the loom or the like but i took it back out and double checked, the reels spin perfectly now, they were very sluggish before. i will have a look at what you have suggested above ,but we are decorating now during lockdown so i have put my machine back in my lock up, Many thanks for the advice, will let you know what i find Regards Noel
  2. Hi everyone, Have just serviced the reel deck on my fruit drop as per the brilliant instructions given on here, All went well the reels spin effortlessly now, however the motor continues to spin after the play has finished, any ideas, have i probably missed something ? Regards, Noel
  3. Hi everyone, I've been looking around this site for ages now and have to say it is truly fantastic!!! I grew up in the seventies and must have played in every arcade in and around the Birmingham area, the machines back then still fascinate me to this day. My favourite machines from back then were Bell Fruits, high kicker, super nudge gambler, fore and aft, and the like. JPMs eachway nudger, nudge double up deluxe, lite a nudge and eachway shuffle just the early versions, Also some of the early Barcrest stuff , nudges unlimited and line up. I now own a Bell Fruit Fruit Drop, a Noble Railroad which i assume is a badged up super nudge gambler from BellFruit,a Bally Hold and Draw with a 200 coin jackpot and an Aristocrat Take ten from the early sixties. Regards to all Noel
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