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  1. Epic board repair, thanks for sharing, glad it was successful.
  2. Hard drives usually present problems reading or writing if they're failing. If your drive is not running at all I'd check that it's receiving power. For a general check to see if it's working I'd connect it to another PC. Also worth looking at my suggestion in this thread: Hope you get it sorted, good luck.
  3. How about 'Chr-free Programmer for Roms' (C.P.R.), seems appropriate.
  4. Thanks for posting details of your great work. Duff Chr chips have caused many users lots of heartache, they'll be delighted that there's now a way round the problem. Excellent work, thank you and good luck.
  5. The for sale section works ok for me.
  6. The green socket is for a mouse. Good luck.
  7. Welcome to the forum, I expect you'll be able to give and receive useful info. Good luck.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  9. Me too! other things from memory lane I'm happy never to have to do again: pincushion distortion and RGB convergence.
  10. Does anyone else remember TVs that had one side of mains connected to the chassis? It should have always been mains 'neutral' but often was mains 'live', a death trap to work on unless you had a one to one mains isolating transformer! Happy days if you lived to tell the tale like me.
  11. Yep, that's a good rule to go by, but sometimes preventative maintenance can avoid problems in the future and prolong the service life. Good luck.
  12. There'll be interest in your project, please do post progress here. Good luck
  13. Thanks for posting details of your restoration, it's interesting to follow. Good luck.
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