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  1. Hello, does anyone know something about this machine. ( age, brand ,scheme) Thanks
  2. Hello, does anyone have the electrical diagram or manual for this slot machine. Bell-Fruit Starfire Thanks
  3. I see that this is from ACE. I am looking for the Royal Flush from Thesis Electronics, I don't be sure if this is the correct one.
  4. hi, yes this is the one. Can you make digital copy for me?
  5. Hi, who knows this slot machine? I am looking for information. Greetings Jc.
  6. Hi, I am searching for a schematic for a Rotamint Fortuna. Greetings JC
  7. Hi, does anyone know wath this means? Thanks Eddy
  8. Hi, the machine doesn't pay out. There is a counter.
  9. Hi, I have a slot machine from Competition Industries, Goldfinger. The coin rejector is missing (see photo). Does anyone know which rejector I need? The machine isn't working. Is it possible to get it going without a rejector? The parts look like Bally parts. greetings Eddy
  10. hello, I am searching for the electro schematics and manual off the " ACE COIN Big Deal ".
  11. Hey, I am searching for a manual for Ace Coin BIG DEAL. Can you help me?
  12. jc holland


    Hi, is it possible to reset an eprom?
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