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  1. the light board is fried don't keep trying to get it to run with that board in it could damage other components you need to get a working board before you go any further
  2. mick will sort it🙂
  3. 2.4v on my m1b i ran 2 wires to 2 ni cad aaa batteries been working fine for 2 years now
  4. i would say they are locked to red gaming only
  5. looking good now if you take the decal and change all the numbers to white and everything else to black print that for the back of the decal to form the light mask
  6. i haven't got it now another member on the site has it i slimmed mine down to 2 i have donkey kong and Thunderbirds and also Monty python in my mates home bar
  7. yes it will when i changed mine to 10p stake £10 jp it was so much better on the gamble up and on the feature if you go up to £15 jp then go upto 20 stake i like to keep mine on 10p play
  8. these are the files the 2 word docs are the finished decals they should be the correct size hope this helps
  9. i will check if i still have the saved file and will send it you if i have. i then printed it on to photo paper then masked the back with black tape
  10. i could find any when i looked so made some
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