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  1. Hi what does that mean file to large does it mean you cant download it onto a rom thanks
  2. Thanks mate do you know if they spin on rom 3.0 version
  3. Thanks for replying do you know if on feature skill nudge the reels spin before hand or not on mine they spin before the feature starts that’s on rom 4.0
  4. Hi guys was after some advice please on a barcrest club pontoon what roms was the machine on when you got the feature skill nudge and the reels stayed in place mines on roms 4.0 and when you get the skill nudge feature the reels will spin before the feature starts I remember playing this machine years ago where the reels wouldn’t spin so you could potentially set up a jackpot does anyone know which roms this would be on thanks much appreciated
  5. Thank you mate will take a look much appreciated
  6. If you hear of one can you let me know thanks much appreciated
  7. Hi vegas7baby if you decide to sell I’d be definitely interested thanks
  8. Hi guys I’m on the lookout for a barcrest club pontoon fruit machine any help is very much appreciated thanks.
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