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  1. Many thanks for this Clo.
  2. Try unplugging the note acceptor, go into the test menu and under BNV key set it to 6 zero's. Then re-boot machine.
  3. "George" was autopilot on aircraft, was it not?
  4. I'd check you have your hopper plugged in and there are no obstructions blocking any exit routes of the hopper. Same with note acceptor (if fitted) as your code is mentioning it.
  5. 17 is a hopper error. What machine is it?
  6. Bank 2 switch 6. Party_Games_Slotto_VW.zip
  7. For some reason it's looking for a note acceptor that isn't there, that's why your getting the error. It shouldn't be looking though if dip 8 is set to off. Opening and closing doors doesn't make a lot of sense. I'd be inclined to say the MPU you have is faulty and always looking for the acceptor or the dip 8 is stuck in the on position.
  8. It's worth a shot. Failing that your new board seems to not make it's mind up if it's on or off.
  9. Count up from the bottom and switch sw8 on then off. It shouldn't be looking for a note acceptor if that is switched off. CCT N Comms is machine trying to communicate with a note acceptor. CCT C + CCT H are coin and hopper.
  10. Turn off dip switch 8 if no note acceptor fitted.
  11. Many thanks for this Clo.
  12. It didn't come from very much as well. Action Club isn't quite in the Blackjack, Pontoon, Celebration, Connect league.
  13. Great to see it working but I think that will become parts. Not the most entertaining clubber. Didn't Empire remake this at a later date?
  14. You need to get in contact with @Reg (same name over there) he is the admin there. Yes you will need to do an introduction and sign up with a non disposable email address (no Hotmail type addresses) Hope you get sorted.
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