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  1. Quick update. Maggi did the repair and paid the return costs too, so a pretty decent result.
  2. What an amazing transformation. I can't believe how skilled you guys are at restoring these machines. Congratulations on a superb job.
  3. That looks mint now. Love it! Excellent job!
  4. Cash Explosion? That would be great to own.
  5. Apologies. I think they are both from a Global machine.
  6. Hi there, I've got the fullset of roms that Geddy put up on DIF, but they don't show up in that list, but these do. Might just need renaming? trick or treat sound 1.bin trickortreat.snd1.bin trickortreat.snd2.bin trick or treat sound 0.bin
  7. Congratulations on getting it going again. Great job!
  8. You can, but have you seen the price of these hoppers in the uk today? About £60. They are on German Ebay for about £10, but no one will ship to uk, since Brexit! Maggi have agreed to fix the hopper under warranty, so that's good.
  9. Great find and repair job, especially as they would have skipped it! That would have been a terrible waste. I too wouldn't mind seeing a video of this in action.
  10. Yeah probably. The fix has a warranty sticker. Must be worth something? Lol.
  11. Unfortunately didn't work, but like you say, worth a try!. Thanks anyway. I'll contact Maggi tomorrow to see if there is a fix from home, otherwise I'll return to them for a fix. I think it normally would be this, but because it's a home built MFME machine I was hoping for a manual reset. You know, touch pin 8 to something to reset, something like that! As the screw (or tiny bolt?) just suddenly appeared in with the payouts, I think it was already in, or part of the hopper. I only got them back last Friday (10th), set them back up, then used properly on Friday (2 days ago), so as far as I'm concerned Maggi should repair for free, but was hoping to avoid losing it for another week or so and incurring postage costs! Thanks for all replies.
  12. I have no idea! Hold upside down? Would that be whilst plugged in and spinning? Haven't seen any information about this!
  13. I recently had my hoppers fixed for my MFME machine. Yesterday, I got a coin jam where a tiny screw tried to come out with a coin and jammed it. I have cleared the jam but the hopper is acting like it is still jammed, sending a continuous coin out signal, which is the same as error 1 and 6 in the parallel hopper pdf. According to information in Azkoyen-Hopper-U pdf, Pin 8 is labelled as error, so my question is, can I somehow reset the hopper manually or is it buggered? I'm sure the screw isn't mine (as in not from my machine, but from the repair). If it can't be reset I will contact Maggi Electronics for a (hopefully free) fix. Any help will be massively appreciated. Dave parallel uhopper.pdf Azkoyen-Hopper-U.pdf
  14. For emulation you could also head to Desert Island Fruits. There are some awesome releases here too..
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