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  1. Zippy

    Cloud 999 Roms

    Get what you are saying bud, chr can be a right doosey at times. So you saying lemmo is all good now and problem resolved?
  2. Zippy

    Cloud 999 Roms

    There are loads of different revisions peppered around different rom sites but most will be duplicates, you could try coolrom or Planet emu. The ones I put up should work as run just fine in the emulator, maybe you need to tweak something somewhere dude.
  3. Newer machines are a lot easier to work with, when you are dealing with MPU1,2,3,4, SYS80,83,85, JPM SYS 5 and other older techs it gets a lot more tricky especially with finding parts.
  4. Nice one Chloe, plays a treat.
  5. May well of had as there were many conversions back in the day some were pointless and stupid simply being as playability went straight down the toilet. I preferred the 20p one.
  6. You will find that there is the good, the bad and the ugly in the real fruit machine world, emulation world is not far behind either. There are those that withhold many things and you will find those that are friendly to your face then talk shite about you behind your back, that is not users that is just people.
  7. Might just as well of called me a blind cunt
  8. So is the Silverpot meant to be with two different JPs or was the Pot of Gold meant to be the token version?
  9. Fucking love this girl, loved this back in the day so after work it'll be a few drinks and piss about with these. Awesome!!!
  10. Zippy

    Cloud 999 Roms

    There was £6 Cloud 999s was our only briefly but was talking about Daves Blue Moon, went slightly off there.
  11. Zippy

    Cloud 999 Roms

    Thought you'd say that
  12. Zippy

    Cloud 999 Roms

    You played the £6 one yet? Got one in Bognor, nice streak in it too.
  13. Zippy

    Cloud 999 Roms

    Here you go clnv.p1.rar
  14. I'm sure this was a 4.80 JP same tech as Mahattan Skylines and Jet Stream, have both and they are both emptiers (done the exclusive on them).
  15. Nice one Chloe, you know what the next stage is don't you😉
  16. Thanks for all your layout Seb, love em as per bud. Now I am fucking back off to Fuckoffsville AGAIN (which is my Pc to build and create this time) *bet someone feels like a dick now smh lol*
  17. Piss off you just come here to spam and leech hahaha
  18. Zippy


    or you could ask another member to PM him on your behalf.
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