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  1. This is why all these forums are a lot of shite, good for info and interacting but much prefer on phone or in person myself. Got someone who supplies me with rare resources and the way he speaks to me is very uncanny, if that was on poxy forums I'd defo take it the wrong way!!
  2. This is why text is bollocks because 'saves me a job' means I can crack on with other stuff and you've been covered which is fantastic. It don't mean "well fuck you then"
  3. Sounds very time consuming and unprofitable.
  4. Glad you got this running. You don't need my help after all, saves me a job, cheers
  5. The best time of our lives, you started well before me but we mingled in different circles, we both knew different stuff, Bell Fruits scorp1&2 were always my weakness.
  6. Take the flyer above and put in your drive, it ain't the best but is still information nonetheless.
  7. Nice one dude, you certainly know your stuff.
  8. Three of the greatest machines to ever exist.
  9. Who said I'll stop at one besides someone is babysitting it for me, need a couple of fixes with the board and power supply but that wont be a problem.
  10. There was loads, BWB videos like Reno, Miami Dice and Monte had free wins in the feature but also the reels were set so you line up the Jackpot which also was a free win, you then had off/on emptiers like sys85s, Ace, M1as, Projects and also manual ones like Barcode and Galaxy, was a free for all for those that were in the loop around that 80s/90s period. Vogues like Big Banker and Big Bucks on (£6) could be done via on/off as had no alarms on it. The list goes on and I could go on all day with my experiences.
  11. You've really made my night but you sure you don't deserve it Graham
  12. Dreadful layout as always
  13. You'll most probably give it in either monopoly money or tokens
  14. Yep, JP is the future and wish him all the best in bringing us the best in entertainment. Guys a fucking legend!!
  15. Thanks John you're a star dude.
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