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  1. Apparently if you get any gamecard from a different MPU5 machine and put that in it should clear the ram.
  2. Stop fiddling the machine and get back to work. Love your vids dude, best on the market👌
  3. No worries, have fun and if you need any pointers just ask.
  4. No, you will need to be a full member, emulators cannot be passed around, is what it is as I don't make the rules but definitely agree with them. Can you not send the admin over there a Pm? As for emulators the most sought after is v20 but no need for me to explain as all the info is on that site.
  5. Seems like you have it all going on nice one. Welcome to The Mecca
  6. It's all about the Jackpots with Mr 217
  7. Don't miss out, you can still play them as Chloe has done some sys1 layouts and there are others done on DIF which are in the legacy section, if you need anything let me know.
  8. Andrew has set the bar high and is in his own league but it does not stop others from learning and reaching for the stars.
  9. Well fuck me that is amazing and quite ingenious. Hats off!!
  10. Mate just flick the fucking bastard (ctrl+r) whilst clocking up in the bank (not Superbank) and keep doing it for 50-60 quid on all wins (forget about 20p wins as not worth it), you want repeats you'll get them.
  11. Nothing escalating just sharing my experience and don't want anyone throwing their dough away when there are better places to go and are regularly updated. The choice is his though.
  12. They have always done things like that, the amount of times I use to watch Eastenders years ago and the sound samples many were playing didn't even match the machine, do they not think there are Fruity nuts out there with near 100% knowledge.
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