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  1. Zippy


    or you could ask another member to PM him on your behalf.
  2. Zippy


    Pm its admin then
  3. I haven't a clue why I put that unless it was the booze talking
  4. Think JPM sys80/83/85, tbh it also sounds like Supatrack/Money Belt, going by 9 letters and fill for feature.
  5. Cheers love great stuff, was playing it last night.
  6. Pm Reg who is admin at DIF and he will respond usually within 24 hrs, it is a tight ship for a number of reasons but be patient as he will get back to you. Tag me as Zippy on there and I'll sling a rep point on for you, just have a browse through the faqs too as will give you a lot of useful info. Peace out man.
  7. No worries John thanks to both for the reply.
  8. Am wondering why no-one has understood me lol, see not a big typer 😉 Yes two AS on one screen side by side, is my grammar that bad😒
  9. No, two on one screen bud? Split half-half? If these questions are out of reach atm just ignore it mate by putting whatever on your "magic list". I'll understand John. Again thanks for all you do for everyone and have a great day fella.
  10. Hahaha fucking ace mate and hate to be a pain but is that toggling to each one or split screen or does it do both?
  11. No no no, no boot filling you have your own boots (mine has got pink frills on it😁), no-one can fill anyone's boots as we all have our own styles. This is the difference between keyboard text and irl, anyway I have a question AGAIN... Would AS be able to be split/multi-screened i.e. have two AS running at the same time (would have to have some crazy specs though) like with MFME, half MFME half AS lol that would be insane?
  12. Fuck me John looking through all the threads and numerous posts across all forums you have brought to life a whole new game since Chris left us, you, Andrew, Tony and many others across all sites have given hope to the scene, many thought and some may not like this that Chris's death was the end of everything but knew with the outcome of great people like yourself breathed life again into our whole realm, you have my respect mate and have done for a while just like a few choice others. Many including myself thought that when the main MFME man left us it was game over but talking to those on and off the grid I just knew that you would give us hope and pay it forward to keep the pot still boiling. @orchid obviously knows you better than everyone else and even though we have clashed at times he too has my respect (but still don't like him), it is not for just what you are doing with Chr's and AS but to know there are still good and honest hardworking people on the planet that keep the flame burning for what we truly love, is the main backbone to it all. Whether MFME or MAME the goal is to keep emulation alive and kicking, Chris will never be forgotten in my book but reality states that someone has to take the reigns for the greater good and I couldn't think of anyone better than you and would bet that he would say the same thing. **You all know I live off the sleeve and don't give a fuck what others think but if truth really be told my statement says it all** Take care all and @johnparker007 keep kicking fucking arse!!!!
  13. Brilliant Alan and thank you for this, another belter under your belt 2021 style
  14. About the 22nd post down on page one @superbank, gey your name on tge list, if it ain't down you're not coming in😉
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