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  1. Cheers matey I have everything crossed, paying something turns up! I am so unbelievably gutted one of my favourite machines in the collection too 😢
  2. Cheers Mike, cheers Tony 🙂 I'm really hoping someone has something tucked away somewhere (sounds dodgy that), but yeah absolutely gutted when it happened!!! Fingers crossed someone does have a glass 🙏🤞🤞 Cheers both 👍
  3. Hey all A plea, absolutely beyond gutted my amazing Club Climber clubber machine hit the deck at the weekend. It had a faulty back wheel, so thought I'll repair it (which went wonderfully well) as I turned the machine totally lost grip and in super slow motion hit the deck and stood in silence just looking at it for must of been 10 minutes. So totally gutted it's untrue, and I know it's a MASSIVE long shot, BUT if anyone has a set or just top glass for this machine, or even know anyone who may have a glass please let me know as will be interested for sure, I think the machine is from around 86/87 time. Many thanks all 🙂 Rob
  4. Wow thats really really impressive 😳 as Mike said you'll be saving allot of machines thats for sure! Superb work, love it 🙂
  5. Cheers Chris was as always a pleasure catching up, thanks for popping down matey. So chuffed you had a good day (even though some machines were being buggers). Thanks for the offer up to yours, that'll be brilliant heading up to you again soon that's for definite! Really happy to see you playing on Rock On again after such a long time that's for sure, I was around the corner (trying to fix another machine) but smiling away to myself hearing you talking away for the video, was brilliant to hear and see 🙂👍 We enthusiast's do love our machines thats for sure, although have to say this week I was very tempted stop, so many headaches all at once 🙈 then the spare boards all not working too 🙈 then yesterday Rocky Horror suddenly going 🙈😔 Think I'll leave it a week before having another go 🙂👍 Thanks again Chris, next time you're down will show Worcester and the great guys at Retroids arcade too. Sorry mecca members I've not been much on here recently, lots going on. But do dive on when I can to see some new threads and restoration updates 🙂 Cheers Chris 🙂
  6. Good luck on the restoration, it's the best bit of owning an old machine is restoring it to its form of glory! Great thread, and look forward to the updates on how you're getting on 🙂 Good luck matey 👍
  7. Wow Chris the inside is perfect! What a tidy machine in great condition, I bet you're excited to get it! Fair play to Dave for getting for you too! Look forward to seeing this up and running 🙂👍
  8. Just seen this thread now as was commenting on your YouTube channel 🙂 so damn close Rich, as they really do look amazing! When you get the next reel bands, you've nailed the glitter part bang on. Hope you manage to get them sorted and in your machine with a video too 👍 Great work Rich, I know it didn't work out 100%, but will on the next set
  9. Bang on the money Chris as you say working, I did hear people were messaging the seller stupid prices and not to sell it to a collector? Which is ridiculous! So what they should sell it to a dealer, who will then sell it to a collector for more? And why should the seller care who they sell it to?! Very odd why people were saying that. £400 is way way more than fair matey and very generous of you considering they were selling it as working, but I imagine it was a bidding war at a guess sadly, I'll attach two photos of a machine I was watching the other day which in the end got listed 3 times and sold for way more than the original listing, so you know the seller was bombarded with messages so he upped his price. The Cashdrop MMM I've got was sold as working on Ebay (but it was and mainly not) it sold for £500 but the buyer didn't collect and the seller got back in touch, did a counter offer (as I spent my money on Snappy Viper at the time) so got it for around £400 and collection, and the board repairs made it close to 500. 4-500 is a fair price (working) is more than fair, so yep matey your offer for it being broken is very generous!
  10. Hey Chris Congrats on your bagging this one, I didn't know you were going for it 🙂 as its broken I hope you got it at a decent price as reading the thread people messaging the seller saying its worth 900??? Madness! Jimmy was selling his one for 150 without a board/roms last year which apparently he left outside??!!! The Cashdrop I grabbed was around 400 ish from memory then collection on top from Nuneaton, with the post and board repair bumped it up a bit to just under 500 (for a working machine) even though it's still faulty, so hopefully no more than 200/250 with it being broken. Look forward to seeing how you get on, hopefully do a bunch of video on your channel for us to watch 🙂👍
  11. Nice one Richie on bagging this looks a goodie! Look forward to seeing it up and running with a video on your YouTube channel 🙂👍 ......Hold on does this mean you own a machine? 😆
  12. Wow just catching up on the thread again today! Lots of love and patience put in, and its shows it really does look superb 👍 Great job 🙂 look forward to the next update
  13. Hi Daz If you have a Google search for powder coating and where you live something should hopefully pop up. sometimes its car body shop centre, the place I use does loads of wheel alloys, even old fire places! Those frames to be sand blasted and re powder coated should cost no more than £30 and it will make your machine like new. Now sleepy old Worcester have two companies, one in Worcester the other I Pershore, so if dinky Pershore can have a powder coater I'm sure you'll have something near by to you 🙂 👍
  14. Cheers Wayne brilliant 👍 did have a price sent to me the other day 🙂 Some brilliant machines and spare parts, reels decks, coin tubes would love to have bought a load, but travelling up to Blackpool during lockdown wouldnt be so clever 😔 my luck I'll be fined 😆🙈
  15. Fiesta great machine, I did enquire about this one, but looks like the reel deck is missing is that right Simon? Just trying to make it out from the picture 🙂
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