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  1. Thanks for these Roms Louie. Always nice to see these rare roms turn up
  2. Many thanks for the roms Nick and Tony much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Andy. I have never seen this one before. Great to see it emulated. BWB could pull out a few gems. Thanks for the release.
  4. Thank you Clo06 I used to love playing Moneyline back in the day superb to see this emulated thank you
  5. Looks superb Clo06. I had the same problem with my classic of this with the wild features. Very sad it never got sorted as this is a gem of a great machine and the wild thing is a big part of it. Still a great machine to play(love this and Cash filla) . You have done a cracking job of it Clo06 it really does look decent. Thanks for the release and for also bringing the different stake versions out. I have only ever played on 2p so will be nice to get a bash of the 5p and 10p versions.
  6. Brilliant layout Clo06 thank you so much. This looks superb I quite like Ace system 1 machines. Never played this one so am looking forward to playing it.
  7. Many thanks for this larger update of this superb Jpm system 80 machine. Super stuff Vectra.
  8. Hi Zippy sadly the bottom glass is terribly peeled and unsuitable for emulation I have done a lot of work in an art package to get it more or less suitable as I was working on a stitched together DX of this machine. The top glass is cracked artwork but is much better. My progress has haulted at the moment so if you want to do this machine feel free. If you still want the photos let me know and I will take some and post them for you. It might be worth you asking Paulgee if he would be willing to do some photos of his set of glasses for this machine as they are in better condition than mine.
  9. Superb Clo06 you have done this machine proud. Superb looking classic as usual, you can see the time you have taken on it. Thanks so much for releasing this system 80 game. A pleasure to see this emulated thanks so much.
  10. Looks great Clo06 another nice rare beauty. Many thanks for the release. Lovely to see this emulated
  11. Hi John no I did get a set of glasses from Paul Gee that had been in an arcade backroom for years as I remember. God I do love this machine. I have never seen one come up for sale such a shame.
  12. Thanks so much Clo06 great to see this emulated another 80s classic we never thought we would get chance of playing again. Great stuff thank you.
  13. Looks great Seb many thanks, another I have not played yet looking forward to it
  14. Thanks so much for this Clo06 looks really good and is my favourite machine of all time. This one is on my wish list sadly I have never seen any come up it is so rare. Thanks again.
  15. Very nice Clo06 you have got that looking great. Like you say I think 10p version was far more common.I don't remember a 2p version. Great to be able to have a bash. Many thanks for this release.
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