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  1. Maybe a Bit later than 95 and you can get an mpu5's fairly cheap or if you have skills plenty of Epochs or dead scorpion 4's pretty cheap also. If you want to enjoy fruities just don't collect what everyone else does. If it's overpriced and super rare the chances are it's not the best machine anyway.... unless it's on an endangered tech of course. I still pick up Epochs for £30 broken and get a year's fun out of them, if you can hack the tech that is.
  2. Awesome superbank thanks mate. Might help just to see if we can get some Chr chips for it and burn a fresh set of roms
  3. Hi does anyone have a game card for this mpu4 machine? Or pics of a card if you don't want to part with one Asking for a friend who's not on the mecca Thanks
  4. Yeah aka 50p He's like a poor man's version of the rapper 50 cent. 😁
  5. I'm friends with him I'll let him know
  6. Nice work. The 4 black switches on the left of the cab... you'll have to experiment with the combinations for JP and stake. It is possible to set it to an impossible combination but don't panic just turn it off and change it. The last four dip switches will change the %. It will take a few grand to get to jackpot so you will need a battery fitted to retain it's memory and once your happy with the settings don't change anything or it will Ram reset it. Enjoy
  7. Potentially mate I've not used E-cervix so I don't know. A few SMD caps burning out simultaneously could mean an underlying fault
  8. Hi the battery looking a tiny bit iffy is enough to cause problems on EPOCH tech.
  9. Hi, I on £15 it should be ok with an s61.6 GAL in the socket on the battery side but I known other Roms it needs the s61.5 to work I think John player has one you might be able to compare too
  10. Is it the big/tall universal hopper? If so it doesn't have a rotating disc like normal, it's like a red plastic conveyor belt. Take the back off and have a look. The 'belt' has plastic lugs which might need to be relocated back into the guide tracks before you put the back on. A failed epoch board can sometimes cause the hopper to go ape shit. Now it's repaired you might just need to refit it. I've had it before...its like you can hear the motor trying to work but not much is happening. It's not hard you can have it done in 15mins.
  11. With a username like cpuhacker you should be able to tell us 🙂 I took the case of the dongle for a look and it's a PAL chip in there so rationalized it's sending it's pulses back to the board off custom pins each time. I think it's gotta be a few lines of code that Andrew was changing in the Rom. No idea past that though cannonman or magic might be able to tell you more
  12. That's interesting, is it the Rom that's hacked? Do you know how it's done? I've only had one with a dongle, the great escape on £8.
  13. The thing to find out if it has and needs a dongle (I don't mean the modern type). A lot of m1s have a small board that plug into the rs232. Without it it will just display Contact maygay on the display. That will be a bitch to find one (could be in the cab if you're lucky). I'm actually working on an m1 atm- *not for sale and not taking any on* but you can see the work that goes into them 😬 fecking batteries!
  14. Apologies mate, I thought you was taking about Mario kart being rare. I'm awful for skim reading. Yeah Mario64 I think I've only seen one picture of... I don't know much about it TBH
  15. It's not super rare my mate has one... You have all those tried and tested cloned Maygay games spanning across m1 and Epoch (Great escape, Italian job, Simpsons blue, Homers meltdown, Mario kart, probably a few more) all pretty much the same game. Mario is one of the least numbers out of all of those because the others are all classics. Some people like them... if you have a Sonic and a Donkey Kong I'm sure you'll want one 🙂
  16. EBay, Facebook groups or check locally and break a cheap broken Epoch machine for spares of everything
  17. Lampboard first £20-£25 Try and get one someone can guarantee is working. Don't use any thing with burn marks on it. Give it a light clean don't want it covered in grime or dust because it will get hot. Alpha display second. Main board if the game plays, has sounds and no errors the serial output should be working ok. If it does nothing or random lamps on then you have problems.
  18. The alpha display should be fitted to Alpha 0 output on the lampboard.
  19. Could be the lamp board (most probably the socketed pic chip if it's the mk1) or the alpha display itself. I'd try a whole new lampboard first. You mustn't unplug anything in the lamp board, alpha display, or the grey serial link with the machine switched on. That can blow any of the above or take out the serial driving on the main board (nightmare scenario).
  20. Does it take coins and play or just few lamps illuminating?
  21. That tiny battery damage break next to q1 was enough to stop this board. The Leds all looked normal but it screws up the memory. Tapped buttons and the reels just twitched. A tiny bit of green/blue rot any where is enough to stop it
  22. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    Try 20ps... if it accepts those it probably the coin mech wants updating to new coinage (£1) If it doesn't accept any of a handful of 20ps, then you will have to check the wiring. Bottom left side of the main board and on the mech a 17 pin plug pushed home, a divert control plug (smaller block one or two wires) then a plug with some curly wires all going back into the mech which is for the coin routing. Sounds complex but it's not to bad
  23. MattyL

    No sound err 93

    Door switches aren't getting pushed home enough or sometimes people loosen the screws so it stays in open door / demo mode. Well done for getting through the no sound error. Difficult one to pin down on a scorp 4
  24. Most people say there's no battery damage and want to believe the fault is elsewhere. We usually go back and fourth to discover the board is nearly to the point of no repair. That's why people insist with a picture on epoch. When you've been fitting and removing the boards if you have done anything with power on then you could have caused that on the lamp/ alpha board buy unplugging the display. If it's getting that hot, you'll need a new one. It could be killing the serial link yes but the main board is still the most likely if there's been even a minor leak
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