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  1. Hi does anyon.e happen to have a set of £25 jackpot decals for a 4 player partytime arena available, or does anyone know who makes them , beer money waiting , cheers paul.
  2. You need to have the hard drive re imaged to cater for only one screen , The pc from a stand up rio cab like rainbow riches b3 and elvis top 20 b3 wont work . I have a sitdown elvis on a pc mk 5 and its hard drive is for a single screen only.
  3. Sorry I forgot to say please lol
  4. So do you think it a task you could undertake ? Regards Paul.
  5. Thanks wizard, now I'm confused lol how do I get the game files onto eproms to put in my mpu 5 game card ??. Regards Paul.
  6. Thanks for replying , do you know anyone who does roms as I don't have the equipment to achieve that kind of job, Regards Paul.
  7. Hi all , does anyone posess any roms for the mdm pink pussy as mine seem to be corrupt. Also does anyone know what the machine is supposed to run on as my machine has a mpu 4 power supply with a mpu 5 board which I find unusual. My Roms are the 0.8 version which seems to pay with every pound and never repeats the jackpot and never goes on a run, which is absolute balls of a game play. If anyone has any different roms available please feel free to pm me with any details , thanks in advance .
  8. I would but it took me 4 weeks to get it delivered up north, im just in the process of making it work , fingers crossed.
  9. The reel just stutters like it's lack of power, the display says seek tab failed alarm 24 -A7. As for how it happened, it arrived from eBay in that state at the cost of £250 from Essex. I've tried to rewire using a different loom but to no success. Please. Sorry thanks for the reply magik.
  10. Hi does anyone have a barcrest mpu 5 top reel wiring loom spare as mine is all wired wrong due to someone butchering it and it's in a total mess. Unable to reset or play the machine as it keeps throwing up reel d set up fault. Many thanks Paul.
  11. What machine is it for a start ? You've not highlighted that, it must be a good one to want to play it rather than repair it lol
  12. Ahh sorry mate, thought that message was ment for me lol, ignore pm thanks.
  13. Hi does anyone have a spare loom complete hanging around that will fit a barcrest cabinet / pink pussy as mine has been butchered and im left with no top reel illumination. If omeone could direct me the way to rewire the reel loom that would be just as good . Heres some piccies of what 250.00 buys you on ebay lol.p.s sorry about picture quality but the machine is in a dark alcove, but you can see what an absolute mess the loom is in.
  14. Hi , is there anyone around the wigan/manchester area who can do updates to coin mechs 126 dx as ive got 4 that need doing asap. Any response welcome Thanks.
  15. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any astra IO-3 intergrated boards in full working condition, that they are prepared to sell. Please pm with any details Thanks Guys
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