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  1. This the one https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H_afOLwHoSL-ooY0Pu1QyttdXerL8Vqo
  2. innfection

    Quids In

    All i can find is associated leisure one
  3. Can you get some hi res pictures of the machine turned off please mate and of each decal you have please
  4. Looking for roms for these please the machine names are Crystal Revolver Coinworld magic line Coinworld golden nugget Fun spot Casino happy streak coinworld Minesweeper bwb Classic lucky las vegas bwb Bwb circus
  5. today machine is a rare red gaming called that's magic
  6. yes I'm still here I know its been a while but wanted to post more as keep forgetting
  7. Hi does anyone have these versions of roms below as looking to try these in current version and help emulate these jackpots red hot roll on 10p tkn 6 pound or 8 pound Mpu4 and big breakfast 8tkn rom 10p. Thanks
  8. Must be failed test machine then
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