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  1. Dazza

    777 Heaven

    Hi all, Dont suppose anyone has a set of 777 heaven reel bands they would sell me? Cheers all
  2. Nice work mate, Those are my original bands so I know how badly damaged that one is that looks really good
  3. This is the layout. purple front left £1 front right Token back left 20p Slot in middle = Return coins back right 50p
  4. I take it the mech only accept one type of token that it’s set up for? IE a token with two slots and won’t accept one with one slot? If that’s the case I’ll need to sort out all my tokens see what I have. Cheers
  5. BWB Cash inferno, the one with the monitor. It’s cash and tokens so yeah it will need routing plug but I have them and can sort that just need to know what mech accepts cash and tokens and what sorter to go with it? Cheers
  6. Evening all, I have a slightly more modern machine in at the moment but the mech is missing. It has a dual entry bezel for cash and tokens then into the Mars Y Shute thingy then through the mech and sorter to tubes, What Mech and Sorter do I need? Thanks All Darren
  7. Dazza

    NV 10 note acceptor

    Yeah I’ve just this second been texted the same. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Does anyone on here update NV-10’s to take new notes, if so how much please. Cheers Folks
  9. Dazza


    I’ve read the thread I’ll remove the Rifa’s tomorrow and put a filter in got one coming Monday. Cheers
  10. Dazza


    Hi all, PSU tripping the electric in the garage and found this Rifa like this. Have I read somewhere these can be by passed ? Thanks all.
  11. Dazza

    Hit The Six

    Hi all, long shot I know but does anyone have a hit the six top glass stashed away they could sell me. Cheers Dazza
  12. Dazza

    Scorp 4

    How’s the Pharoahs mate?
  13. Dazza

    Scorp 4

    Excellent cheers guys, I took the battery of the board and fly wired it ages ago and the board is in good nick so hopefully will be a connector. Hopefully get a chance to look at it tomorrow thanks again
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