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1 hour ago, barcrest junky said:

Innfection probably uploaded the picture.

I'll ask him, cheers fella but think John is after a sneaky 50 quid buy on one of these as per.

45 minutes ago, Player said:

Looking to buy one if any of you nice chaps knows of one ;)

I'll keep my ear to the ground 50 quid finders fee.....



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On 7/20/2021 at 10:17 PM, Player said:

Bump, anyone found one yet ;)


3 hours ago, Player said:

Bump ;)

Bit anxious eh John, I say patience but don't blame you really as machines like this are not only iconic but anytime I see one on here I shoot my load in my pants.

I really must stop visiting the Mecca. 

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Don't question me
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4 hours ago, Brigham said:

Is there something special about this machine?

I haven't even worked out who made it.

It looks like the sort of small manufacturer or third-party conversion that I'm currently looking for, though.

Anyone got anything McCormack or R V Smith? 

Previously been suggested it is an Associated Leisure convo. 

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