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Midi Bob's workshop thread SRU

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Don't get excited folks I'm not taking on this tech for many reasons and this is just one of them.

As a favour I was asked if I could swap out a burnt out connector. These connectors are industrial (probably military) and rare as hens teeth. What I didn't realise was what a job it was going to be  getting the old pins out. Here's what I found......


Looking at the middle pin shows it clearly. They must have a forming tool which is used once the connector is fitted. Of course once it's soldered there's no way it's going to come out! The only way was to wrench it out the board which bring's the via out with it. Thank goodness for the rivets. They did this on about 6 or 7 pins so it was a right pain. I also discovered you don't need to remove the whole connector for say one broken pin. If you undo the two bolts at either end the plastic surround will come off (with gentle persuasion) leaving all the pins still soldered in the board.

In the following pic the left hand connector had a pin missing and the replaced one is in the middle. (Still says PLUG1 although it should be 2)


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Good work Bob 

Super read as always 👌 

These pins are heavy duty shows the quality of things back in the day.

If they were made today they would have just fallen out.


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