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What's up Doc!!! (scorp1 edition) Dx

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Here's What's up Doc? a hospital themed slot with a great sound package from the 90's A global machine on scorpion1 tech.

Thanks goto

@Clo06 for the Classic layout used for lamping positions

@MattyL for the Images from his machine, including reel symbols and countless photos also the roms from his machine

which are the earlier v2.8 roms including sounds, which were missing from the classic layout

finally to @Dougsta for providing a "happy" ram the one within the machine is cashpots full from a £50 start (£4,000 in)

also included within the file is a Jackpot Ready Ram which has had £5,000 from start

And the original Ram which is basically a Factory Reset

  Play in Mfme V20.1

     Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!!

What's Up Doc £250 Dx.zip


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Thanks. I'm not a massive fan of clubbers, but this one looks interesting. 

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