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Just a quick update ....  from the nightmare world of 3D printing 

all had been running fine until i decided to upgrade the printer with a new print bed 

This seemed the best way to go ... so fitted this on Sunday and disaster ... i could not get nothing to stick to the bed ... all the prints kept failing 

after looking into the problem ... it became apparent that these type of print beds need totaly different settings than stock print beds and also need different running temperatures 

this meant all my Gcode files that i had generated for the Dickywink products need regenerating to suit this printbed 

so i spent the last few days tweeking and now i am back  up and running ... so fingers crossed the toolkits will be back in production soon 

Being back at work has unfortunately also given me less time as well but we will get there 



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Hi guys 

Im currently printing the next 3 sets of Button tool Kits

About another day or so  of printing so they should be finished by Saturday morning  

Just to make sure that the Forum Guys here get them first ... use the link below 

So far i have  a set for 

1, Sulzerned SOLD



Now 2 units left ... here is the link  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AWP-button-Removal-and-Fitting-Tool-Kit/264775833936 

its not for sale in the Ebay Fruit machine section but in a different section to allow you guys  to get them first 

get them now if you can ... the reason is  as from Sunday i will be away for quite a few weeks and im going to have to suspend the ebay ads and sales until i return and i will need to post the toolkits out  by Saturday Night 


all the best 



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Thats it guys for now as PCP said all button Kits gone  ...   I have to close Dickys Toolbox for a few weeks ... my work calls for me to be in another country 

i will keep the other items on ebay until saturday evening 

Many thanks to everyone that bought, helped and supported this thread ... its been a fun couple of months ... 

all the best 


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