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  1. Brigham

    ebay machine

    Exhibit cranes were cheap though, on account of not having any sweets to put in them!
  2. Brigham

    ebay machine

    Pity it's still in Land's End!
  3. Brigham

    ebay machine

    I would call that a bargain at £90.
  4. Brigham

    electro on ebay

    Does anyone know a courier who works this far?
  5. Brigham

    electro on ebay

    Not a conversion, then? I'm impressed. Should be possible to get it back onto original coinage. I wonder how far Cambourne is from Co. Durham?
  6. Brigham

    BFM Big Dipper.

    I've taken delivery of my Bell-Fruit Big Dipper, and I'm very pleased with the overall condition. It plays well, although I'll be giving the reel mech a good going-over, clutch discs re-oiled etc.. I've got rid of the previous owner's 'improvements', the multi-colour flashing LEDs in the 'coin accepted' and 'hold available' lights, but there's been some messing-about with the 'hold' arrangements. Once you get the Dipper feature, you get multiple holds, which is definitely NOT how it ought to be. The HOLD arrangement is more complicated than the 'TARGET' machine, which has a simple anti-hold relay, which pulls-in after registering a win, or the player using a hold. This one has a rotary hold selector, which turns correctly, and pauses momentarily to set the hold for the following game, but the contacts side of it has had lots of contacts crudely strapped together, even though the wire to the wiper is off! It took me ages to find the variator. I knew it had one, because the controller runs in short bursts; but it wasn't in the usual place at the bottom of the cab, next to the PSU. It's actually on the reel spindle, alongside what looks like a sort-of 'fourth reel', except just the contact plate and brushes. It makes one turn AFTER the three reels have stopped. Never seen that before. I'll have to work out what it does. Plenty to go at after work, then. I'll keep you informed as I go along.
  7. Brigham


    I've just noticed: Collection is by 22nd. Sept. It doesn't finish til 17th. Only five days to arrange collection. I may drop out of the bidding. Is anyone here on it?
  8. Brigham


    On it! Ta!
  9. Brigham

    oink oink

    Excellent graphics. She's quite fanciable, in a piggy sort of way... The price is a bit more realistic this time; only double the proper starting bid! COPS again?
  10. Brigham


    WOW! PS: How do you like the high-tech gameplay? No buttons!
  11. That's the lamest game-play I've ever seen. I didn't think Alfred Crompton made anything so pathetic. Give me an Oliver Whales Treasure Cave any day!
  12. It's only a matter of working logically. Start at what DOESN'T happen, and work backover until you find where it DOES.
  13. Brigham


    Does anyone know what SHANGHAI is? It looks a bit like ACE Monte Carlo, and has the front starter bar popular around the late '60s/early '70s. There's a messed-about one on eBay as we speak. It's within my collection area.
  14. Brigham

    JPM Pool Play refurb thread

    Nice to have the back-door relay diagram. That 8-ball symbol appeared on some Maygay machines, too.
  15. Brigham

    Ace Go for Gold

    Some sort of micro-electronic-central-processing chips thingy. You know, instead of the cams and relays.