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  1. Another cabinet style I haven't seen. Three-digit counter used for two digits; typical BFM! It would give me a use for all those turnover 6d/2½p tokens we all seem to acquire over the years.
  2. There's a maker's badge in the top left corner. Anyone recognise it?
  3. I looked at that. It's a bit 'far gone'. I wasn't sure if it was a genuine Bell-Fruit model, or a conversion. I certainly don't remember it, unlike Action Line, which was EVERYWHERE.
  4. Too much for my liking. BFM machines do tend to attract a premium, though.
  5. This appears to be the machine that my Louth Automatics 'Odds On' is based on. Sounds like it's been hacked about for 'new' 10p. Stockport is in my usual collection range, but I'd have to get Dominic Cummings to pick it up for me.
  6. Remind me what it is you are listing. I'm good at selling myself things!
  7. Brigham

    Lamp issue

    Have you got 3.8 volts DC?
  8. Might be an idea to list it here before you put it on eBay. Always good to avoid the dreaded FEES.
  9. I've found an image of it, and it isn't my thing at all, It looks like something you might find in a present-day amusement arcade. It's huge. You'll need to clear some space...
  10. Terrible thing, having to sell something. I know the feeling. Perhaps you should sell your BFM Waterwheel? What's the pusher, by the way?
  11. The Bolton one, Club Nudger, is now in my workshop. I've even 'nudged-in' a win; the aforementioned crown on centre reel that pays 5p, no less! I'm impressed. No 'hold' and one 'nudge'. I wonder if the Carnoustie 3-way win is for sale? No point having ONE of ANYTHING, in my book!
  12. How does it compare, price-wise, with the one in Bolton?
  13. Is that the one we talked about earlier? The one buried in Carnoustie, near Dundee?
  14. It's on my 'wants' list, but I'm now concerned to hear about the optical payout arrangement. I have enough trouble with electronics on my Aristocrat Grosvenor! Still, Bolton IS in my collection radius...
  15. As late as 1977? I would've expected Nudges. Was the Carfield patent still in force?
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