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  1. 'Insert ACE Token'
  2. I'm well on with getting the triple acceptor to pay 6d tokens instead of new pennies. The solenoid payout tube handles them without modification, which makes me think it was originally designed to. This machine really ought to be changed back to Monte Carlo spec.. Does anyone have a decent scan of the artwork? It's printed on paper, so shouldn't be difficult to get printed.
  3. If the shafts and pulleys are in line, it should be OK even with the flange missing. These positive-drive belts are square-cut, so there is no sideways force to throw them off. They are often used in the automotive industry without flanged pulleys.
  4. The matchstick stops the trigger wire in front of where the coin comes out. The microswitch is held on by a double-sided sticky pad! How anyone can 'lose' the bit that holds the switch eludes me.
  5. Conversion to New Penny? Some work needed here...
  6. A bit further on... I couldn't work out how this could change 5p for five pennies, seeing as there are no 5p wins! Turns out there are TWO controllers; one for 'coins in', and a separate one for payouts. This board is called 'Credit Unit', and will originally have added credits to the meter, for both coins and wins. There is a relay on it to cause the recorded credits to pay out. I'm seriously thinking of returning this machine to 'cash or tokens in: all tokens payout', especially as I now have the 4-way acceptor working correctly. It is the first e/m machine I h
  7. ACE conversion 'Triple Hold' arrived today. I've had the back off. Reel strips are loose and brittle, but I've secured them for now. Reel mech is free; control timer responded to cleaning and oiling. Third reel solenoid doesn't always drop; otherwise game starts & stops as expected. No attempt to pay-out yet. The conversion has involved the loss of the credit counter, which is a disappointment. The token acceptor has been modified to take New Penny, but the 3-way (possibly 4-way) cash one seems to be complete and original. It's probably going to need new reel strip
  8. LIKES: All E/M. Front Start Bar. DISLIKES: Four Reels. Huge Starting Price.
  9. Top prize on this is Brenco '25 pence Gold Award'. Anybody seen one? It's hand-filled, and there's no way to play it back. The two dummy jackpots are Silver and Gold, for 10p coins and Gold Award tokens. Unless they are plentiful, I might have to use something else.
  10. It's my third Brenco, if you count Heads & Tails. Loved 'em as a kid. They were 'fizzy'; you got a sort of tingle from the metal parts. When you had a win, they seemed to take ages to pay out, and did so in spasms, two coins, then a third. I've been offered a very rare one, 'Gold Strike', for £500 quid delivered. It's more than I want to pay for what is a 'secondary' hobby. My main interest is in the 'All-Mechanical' realm.
  11. Over the moon with the diagram/manual. Read it all in the bath last night, to isolate everything that stops BOTH 10p and 2p solenoids from working. Ran through it this morning, and everything was fine, but still no payout. Decided to give it a rest, and look at the BANK feature, which starts but won't stop... Relay 4 coil was o/c. Swapped it, and the stop button worked. Paid out 10p. It turns out the 10p payout was working all the time. I had forgotten that most 10p wins pay out from the 2p column, in true Brenco style! I'm always telling people to work logically, but
  12. I don't have a spare one of those, so I've used this arrangement. Just needs something like a marge tub, but stronger, to cover the inside terminals.
  13. Is the diagram in the back door? If not, open the second one. It may contain the diagram. Once you have the wiring plans and the relay layout, you can't go wrong. I started on an unknown Brenco yesterday, and was getting nowhere. Once Ron had sent me a scan of the diagram, I spent an hour in the bath with it, and everything became clear. Brenco machines only appear complicated. They actually are not.
  14. Started on this one tonight. Took the back off, and... No relay diagram. Preliminary cleaning and lubrication has got the reels spinning and stopping, but no sign of a payout yet. The silver/gold feature burst into life correctly, but the button doesn't stop it; you have to take the plug out. Still, not bad for Day One...
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