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  1. Brigham

    JPM Pool Play refurb thread

    Nice to have the back-door relay diagram. That 8-ball symbol appeared on some Maygay machines, too.
  2. Brigham

    Ace Go for Gold

    Some sort of micro-electronic-central-processing chips thingy. You know, instead of the cams and relays.
  3. Brigham

    Ace Go for Gold

    This looks like one of those machines with a 'computer thingy' in it. I avoid them whenever possible.
  4. Brigham

    JPM Copperwin on ebay

    Riche 100, Any progress on the 50 E-M machines in Worcestershire?
  5. Brigham

    Ten Up repair and service

    First class job! This appears to be the machine that my Louth Automatics 'Odds On' is based on.
  6. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    I'm starting to see the PS 'look', now you have it all cleaned-up. What coin would it have been on originally? It's good to see a surviving pre-decimal E/M machine. Edit:- Love the Fliers. Thanks.
  7. Brigham

    Bell Fruit electro data base

    Include me in this one. The Bell-Fruit range was extensive and innovative; even without the after-market conversions. I'd love to learn more.
  8. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    Outbid on The Skier. Phew! Thanks, if you're on here. Love to have a review of it.
  9. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    I'm guessing it's a bought-in mech. Either SEGA/Mills or Watling.
  10. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    What was the gameplay like? It doesn't seem to have anything more than an ordinary mechanical bandit would have, except a bigger box.
  11. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    Thanks, Ron. If anyone wants to outbid me on The Skier, please feel free to do so; next bid will do it. It would save me a trip to Manchester.
  12. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    Outbid on Ring-a-Bell. Has anyone heard of C.O.P.S Ltd?
  13. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    I have a Maygay Bingo Club, which is a fairly straightforward game, with a simple bingo card feature. Can't see it as any better or worse than the other makers at that time. Is there something I should know?
  14. Brigham

    Ebay machine

    All too far away. I can't believe that's a Peter Simper, despite the buttons. There is too much empty space in it! Ring-a-Bell is my thing, certainly. The Action Line looks like it still has the half-crown changer, crudely masked down to 2/- or Ten NP. A pre-decimal Action Line is on my wanted list.
  15. Brigham

    ebay machine

    Other evidence of bodging is evident.