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  1. Joe1

    project pc92 bullseye

    Its a E101 its a strim error code
  2. Joe1

    project pc92 bullseye

    Its wasn't bullseye mate I've sortied it now cheers for the offer mate nice one 👍
  3. Joe1

    PTL System 80

    Glad these have been saved One i would hope to own one day!! Been many years but this holds many years of fun. Anyone one got it inn there collection cant see it. But would like to see it alive again!
  4. Joe1

    System 5 JPM Diagram

    Try donating it might help! Nothing for free in this life! Permission will only be granted once you have given to this site. These no freebies here!
  5. Joe1


    Looks good dave nice work. Looks sweet lots going on, glad it went to a good home. Let's hope the board can be saved.
  6. Joe1

    System 85

    Sounds like your going great guns so far Dave. Player as mentioned something before about System 85 games cards being troublesome. Hopefully he may be able to throw some more light on it.
  7. Joe1

    Socket Adapter

    Much appreciated guys as said im no technical guy. I was only in the back give the thing a good clean and knock the bloody thing just go's to show thats all it takes a right pain in the ass! Thank you to louie much appreciated he machine is up and running. Bob much appreciated i think I might buy the first ones 25 for £35 at least ive got some if any one eles might need a couple. Thank you once again guys
  8. Joe1

    project pc92 bullseye

    Bump !!!!
  9. Joe1

    Socket Adapter

    Thank you Bob ....👍 Much appreciated only need a couple bloody hell £35 sheets for 25 minimum order wow!!! Thank you louie.... Might give that ago before I commit to an order Of 25 👍
  10. Joe1

    Socket Adapter

    I guys im after some of these socket adapters photos attached. As anyone got a link or who knows the best place to buy them from. cheers
  11. Joe1

    project pc92 bullseye

    Hay rich Did you ever find out what this issue was? I'm haveing the same issue E101 code. Anyone else come across this?
  12. Joe1

    Bell fruit main board

    Yes sorted the 5v regulators yesterday ..👍 Worth a crack seeing if anything changes Glad to see some game play of yours dont look a bad game at all. Cheers for shareing 👍👍👍👍
  13. Joe1

    Bell fruit main board

    Fingers crossed stef, yes a real shame as said I think it would be a good game.
  14. Joe1

    Bell fruit main board

    Its sys 85
  15. Joe1

    Bell fruit main board

    If it comes to that stef I will put your name on them buddy no problem 👍