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  1. Stef Here is one of mine never had the had the £3 rom 5p play. Hope this helps you And this one is £2
  2. Put this thread in copper mine look under maintenance post I've been haveing same problems not all links to downloads seem to be working and then booting you back to home page. You will see post I made only a few days back. Pete was hopeing to look into it
  3. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Cheers mike much appreciated I think i will drop you a pm 👍
  4. Don't bleave ive got any bob but I will sure have a look for you.
  5. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Bob your star i will give you a pm mate cheers 👍
  6. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Cheers Bob as always makes very good reading But sounds easier said than done. Have you a link to where you buy these female Connectors well think its the female ones ? The ones that fit into the block Connector which is connected to the psu which gets plugged into the main board. Cheers Bob 👍👍
  7. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Nick Hopefully Andrew or Bob will put some light on this problem.
  8. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Cheers mike that will be greatly appreciated 👍 Nick yes I did think using the insulated terminal Just in case of removal 👍 Think replacement of the pins would be ideal but sounds like the crimping tool is the problem 🤔
  9. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Hi Mike Thank you for response much appreciated If you dont mind sending me a photo that would be grate and very much appreciated 👐👍👐
  10. Think you are spot on Nick 👍 I know you know sys80 couldn't really make it out when I zoomed in on my phone.
  11. Joe1

    Mpu3 burnt plug

    Just been reading this post very helpful too On reading the post understand the the two wires white/blue have been cut which were going too the main board, these then get joined together and then connected the the brown wire ? which as been added too the main board. What about the two wires white /blue connects which are going into the main power plug. Is it the case that these then become dead ie because of the rerouting.
  12. What a link Dicky ..... these some fantastic photos those were the days. Thank you for sharing this with us all 👍👍
  13. Glad your on the mend mate. Yes some nice fruits Couple of black boxes/ is it fire cracker Nice line of mpu3 Couple of sys80 fruit chaser/ can't make out the one next to it is it bouncer
  14. Looks nice Rob well worth spending time on these old fruits As we all know these are becoming hard to find these day. What did you use to polish the chrome work?
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