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  1. Not yet as away - will check the mech end on Sunday.... update to follow...
  2. Firstly thanks for the excellent videos @Player Don't care on the state of the garage! ok.. the test results are in.... So - The first test (shorting pins 2 and 3 whilst in Coin test) worked great and the machine registered the £1 no problems. Second test on the inhibits - Not entered test mode - No lights Entered Test Mode - LO seen on Logic Probe... Disabled in test mode - No lights... Cheers Paul
  3. So - it should be the ME129 with the 129 8 way sorter then in my Club?? (Just to clarify!).... I'll give your tests a go this afternoon... Interesting to see what it does!
  4. Yup all working - all switches check out in test mode too Nope - Someone mentioned that i could put into test, get to the "coins" menu, go in but then insert coins and it should display when a coin is inserted- Nothing. It does pay out each tube when i hit the reel buttons tho. I think so - will have to check... I know when i open the back door it resets... Cant say i'm 100% on when i close the door... will have to check - should it do this on both closing and opening? I do have another switch - i will replace on Sunday when i get back to make sure, or at the very least meter it out. I have the 5p board (slightly different to Bricy21's above) on a bracket mounted at the back of the mech - However it wasn't connected when received - loom goes directly into the Mech. The guy i bought it off swears it was fully working when it left him, since he has not long has the mech updated. Mech i have tested on a Mektek no problems - However to be fair the mektek connects to the underside of the Mech... not on the long SIL connector on the side... Cable is keyed so i know it's in the right place, and i have buzzed out the cable from board to the Mech - all good. Happy to give any testing or checks a go - just name what i need to do Many thanks @Player
  5. Yup - if i put into Free play mode everything works perfectly...
  6. p.s. the Y has no sensor, and the machines doesn't take tokens, so there's no associated loom...
  7. Not in front of it for the moment, however if anyone has one of these would be interesting to see what Mech you have in it?? - Crom what i can see, it would only accept the 8 way sorter... There is a 5p converter board in it, however it looks like it's 17 pin in and (from memory) either a 15 pin or 19 pin out... but that doesn't explain what mech would interface with the Tubes... So - If anyone has one of the machines pictured above, please could you take a look and see what the Mech/Sorter combo is please (and a couple of pics would be perfect if possible please??!!) Paul
  8. Rats! didnt realise that! I think this is the one thats needed??
  9. toibs

    Hole in One

    Looks like a repro - £270 is reasonable to be fair - Originals would be around £600+
  10. That would be awesome! I like having the books with the machine... May also help with fixing the thing, you never know! Thank you.
  11. Scorp2 Manual is on here - is where I got it from...
  12. Would love it if you want to sell it @Bricey21 - or a scan of it would be ace please??!!! 👍🏻
  13. Ron, @BF74 Quick Question please if i may - the Plug from the sorter into the Ms111 Mech - which way around does it go please?? There's no key on it, so would just be guesswork.... and i don't fancy blowing things up on a Monday.... Also do i need to do anything with this flying lead coming out of the MS125 for a "Pot Luck" do you know please? Currently it's plugged into the Bottom right of the sorter (where the red writing and arrow is pointing on the bottom of the label...) Other than that, MS111 all programmed and ready to roll... Cheers Paul
  14. Thanks @cyberbob & @BF74 Ron - had a chat with Young Cyberbob there and thanks to him and your wise words have ordered a 125 separator (i have an MS111 - just need to program it up), and hopefully all will be will in the world.... Need to check out the 20p mech also since this also doesnt seem to function, however that's an analogue switch style so should be easier to take a look at. So are we saying that the Ms111 alongside the 125 sorter doesnt need any routing at all, just as default? This machine arrived with me knowing that it needed "tweaking" to get coins working... didn't realise how much of a challenge these mechs can be Thanks chaps - will report back..