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  1. Good morning, anyone got any test rigs they want to sell ( Jpm MPS or Impact or pretty much any others out there ) cash waiting ian@maxxgrab.co.uk
  2. licenced dealers are buying stuff as the arcades are oofing stuff out, ive been buying kids rides as they come up in readiness for anything opening at some point, people are buying bargains too , if you have room & money then theres bargains out there
  3. theres 4 or 5 culprits, i dont have any gripe direct with anyone they clearly dont know or are ignoring the law, Hopefully the GC will look at them more now, if any collectors / enthusiasts get a knock on the door ( Unlesss they are clearly dealing in large numbers of machines ) then i`ll post a picture of my balls on the mecca ! thats how confident i am .....
  4. loads are dumping cat D now as they dont want the issues it may bring asking someone "Are you 18"
  5. you are allowed as a home user or collector to maintain your own machines, if you hold an AGC or FEC permit without the add on then you are not permitted to repair your own machines, sounds mad but its the law & its part of the paperwork you sign when you apply for the licence
  6. the law is the law, the gaming laws were in place for years, the problem that started all this ( & my rant was a warning ) is the bellends that bought 100 machines from an auction & started advertising them & saying "I have 100 odd machines ", the legal machine sellers that pay their licence fees are starving & have no business & no help from the government, these are the ones that are pissed off at the uneven playing field, its not fair & thats it !
  7. no one is bothered about the collectors they made that clear, unless you buy & sell shit loads
  8. this has been said many times, they send a letter but then don`t follow anything up, its quite pathetic really
  9. Ginge they dont have to be in an area, they are to be left in the public domain with over 18s stickers on them, think its over 18 unless accompanied by an adult but im not 100% certain i`ll ask for clarity on this, the change is supposed to be from this march, theres loads getting rid of their cat D because of this
  10. write to them , or speak to them the more that do the more chance there is they will look into altering the pre legacy stuff, im going to keep on about it for a long time, they will get sick of me believe me !
  11. be like me tell them yourself, tell them as it is , they start to listen then !
  12. anything you own is your property you can maintain it yourself as its not for financial gain , the collectors have no interest in you at all, selling machines on social media without a licence is illegal, theres a few people advertising the SG T777 machines with a load of games on them, they have hacked software so are also in breach of SG`s IP, they have taken action against more than one company / person selling these the GC are also getting involved in that side of it .
  13. no one has, its will never happen, they have no interest in you & your few machine habit, they are though interested in the people that buy 10 machines from an auction / arcade closure & re-sell them for profit, thats what they have an issue with
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