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  1. I don’t have the black plastic, but got a bag of red LEDS at work if you want one soldering in drop by no issues. You know where to find me if you need any assistance mate
  2. Interesting thread this has turned out to be. Very interesting. A good read 👍👍👍
  3. Is it really just the caps? Wow even I can fix that! I’ll do them later and post back. Thanks Andrew. 😃
  4. On another subject, I’ve just gone and fired up clockwork oranges. A month ago the screen died so I got another of the bay and swapped it no problems. Was working 2 days ago now AGAIN totally dead and blank. Is the cold killing my screens??? Going to get costly as I’ve ran out of them now! Anyone selling MPU5 screens that work you have a buyer.
  5. Can understand why you feel that way, others on here have done stuff and got shafted or people don't want to pay for time and effort. Its a shame when there is so much talent on here and people making so many efforts. Didn't take me long on here to see things being done and people moaning about cost etc. Your work and everyone else's with emulation / glass / reel production is appreciated.
  6. Look spot on mate, they take effort and it’s good to see plenty of people having a go at these it’s well worth it. Very impressive. Worth your effort machine looks mint :-)
  7. Back up and running 👍👍 IMG_0767.MOV
  8. I’ve swapped the mech it’s fine. last one so need to buys a few over the next year. They seem to be as iffy as the mps boards 😂
  9. Happy new year mate, hopefully 2021 will be better than 2020 😂😂
  10. Well if anyone’s still following this thread I’ve got an issue popped up on this one. all coins suddenly routing to the back and down to the bottom? changed the sorter and about to see if I’ve got another mech. Was fine until cold weather and still has its original board so maybe worth trying a Louie fixed mps2?
  11. The target is there its a transparent image for printing
  12. And if anyone wants to do the same heres the artwork..... All i ask is that if you do print it and use it you post on here as it took me hours to fix it up 🙂 This is what i used to have it printed....
  13. Solenoid the only bit that doesn't go and Rich is on the case with that too. Reworked the art and got a new panel printed for it for those who are interested heres the pics now ive painted bits re done gum balls and new front on
  14. Anyone know what solenoid i would need to replace the one in it? That video says he replaced his faulty one and i suspect mine may be iffy too?
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