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  1. scoodyemu

    What's this on marketplace?

    I had one and couldn't give it away. I ended up stripping the insides and the glasses out and binning it. Really good condition too.
  2. scoodyemu

    My YouTube channel. chris217

    Love your channel Chris
  3. scoodyemu

    Old truckstop photo

    You can just smell the fry up and the cig smoke.
  4. scoodyemu


    Hope this helps. 1c50a3a5-7a44-4e28-ae14-d92942ae5ac0.MP4
  5. scoodyemu


    I'm in my arcade tonight so will sort for you.
  6. scoodyemu

    Ms111 test box

  7. scoodyemu


    If you want any more just let me know.
  8. scoodyemu


    Absolutely no worries at all. I'll take them this weekend, if I've not been back you by Sunday, please give me a shout. I'm not so young and my memory isn't too good.
  9. scoodyemu


    Thank you so much for that John. Following your earlier post I obviously had no idea what to to do so thought I would apply a bit of logic to the problem. I figured that the S10 mech (token) would be the easiest as I could press the microswitch that an accepted coin would trigger. I removed the mech and the machine showed 2 credits every time I pressed it. To my inexperienced brain that told me that the board was accepting signals for accepted coins. I put one of my 20p tokens through the removed mech on my bench and it passed straight through. I tried the token into the slot at the front of the machine and it wouldn't pass through. Looking inside the machine I couldn't see anything obvious so I unscrewed the plates that directed the tokens into the S10 mech. It was stuffed full of tokens, it must have jammed at some point and the coins had all backed up. Long story short, now the mech is cleared the machine works as it should. Just goes to show how simple a solution can be without having to dig deeply. The machine is in really good condition so I am going to revert it back to older coinage to keep it as original as possible. I will post a video at some point of this week. Bob, Nick and John, thanks guys, you are brilliant.
  10. scoodyemu


    Erm 😕😕
  11. scoodyemu


    Yes mate. Please could you explain what I need to check?
  12. scoodyemu


    OK tried another acceptor and still nothing, I know that at least 2 of these are working as I've tried them in another machine. How can you fake an acceptor John please?
  13. scoodyemu


    Thanks John, Nick has suggested trying a different model of acceptor so I'll pull one from one of my other machines tonight. I can't help but feel I'm close to having the machine working. Fingers crossed.
  14. scoodyemu


    Morning John, Tried the lockout test and it still wouldn't accept the coins.
  15. scoodyemu


    I'll try that tonight John, thanks for the suggestion.