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  1. I offered him £200 which I thought was a fair price considering the state of the glasses.
  2. He made it quite clear to me that he knew what it was worth and wouldn't let it go for anything less as he didn't need the money. Good luck.
  3. That would look great in my arcade, I'd love to get hold of it and restore it. Not at that price though, madness.
  4. Thank you so much mate, I've made a donation to the forum to show my appreciation.
  5. Hey Ron, I've used your repair and service post to sort out my reel mech and it was spot on. I'm finally in a place where I can finish my Ten Up rebuild and wondered if you'd be kind enough to do a post on servicing a timer? I don't want to disassemble it and get the cams in the wrong position when I rebuild it. Fingers crossed.
  6. I think that you have to have made 100 posts as well mate. Might be wrong though.
  7. Definitely mate, gutted I couldn't empty your EWS
  8. Found it on Amazon, which tumbler media do you use?
  9. Only front flange I'll see this year Going to superglue it on and see if it'll work.
  10. The grub screws were out mate, it was stuck fast with shit. Instead of putting the puller legs on the aluminium spigot I put them at the back of the front flange. What a bell end I am.
  11. Hey guys, am after a belt drive sprocket for a Bellfruit reel mech (Nudge Gambler). The info on it is P18XL037 Davall England Pat Pend 46725/70. Happy to pay whatever is needed. Reason needed - I'm a twat who decided to use a sprocket puller when drunk.
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