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  1. Hello fruitsnappa, The LCD refill meter arrived today ,I've fitted it and ---- yes, the fruit machine now works again !! Many thanks to you fruitsnappa for your kind help , it was really appreciated , I would have taken months to repair it . All the very best from Neale.
  2. Thanks fruitsnappa, I've ordered the LCD meter you suggested, I'll check the connections at the meter and MPU tomorrow, as today we're having the grandchildren and chaos will reign !! Thank from Neale.
  3. Hello fruitsnappa, I've taken the SEC meter off and the numbers are, REV 02E , the alarm codes displayed on the red LED type above the main reels are , 54 - 2A and it shouts at me ' Hey, check it out ' or at least that what it sounds like!! Have you anyone / shop etc who you could recommend for a replacement part ? I've attached some photos. Many thanks again for taking your time to help me. Regards from Neale.
  4. Hello fruitsnapper, I've checked if the fruit machine accepts coins, it doesn't accept coins when I try to play the machine, I've undone the sockets and plugs ( of the coin mechanism ) cleaned and checked them all ,it all appears to be O.K. I took off the coin mechanism to check for any loose parts or loose connections but I don't really know what the refill SEC meter looks like !!! I last took the coin mechanism off a long time ago to have it converted to run on tokens and it's worked perfectly ,until now. When I turn on the machine it goes through the initialising programme and when finished it goes into alarm mode. I've taken a few more photos to maybe help, if you saw something not quite right, I hope. Thanks in advance , all help really is appreciated, regards from Neale.
  5. Hello , I've not been on this forum for quite awhile as my fruit machine has been running perfectly -- until now ! The problem occurs after the machine has been through all initialising process and when you put a coin in a very loud voice shouts ( Hey check it out ) I think that's what it says, it's not too clear to me. The LCD screen shows the messages , meter comms fail . LCD met fail code 54 - 2A , I've had a look through other posts and really want some help before I start making it worse !! I've attached some photos which I hope will help as it would take pages to try and explain ! Thanks in advance for any help offered. Regards from Neale.
  6. Thank you to Mavroz and lee.robinson ,I'm learning something new about these machines each day ! Regards from Neale.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply, the machine is a 'real mechanical fruit machine' with just the one game ,I didn't know you could get other games for it which shows how far behind the times I am . I still can't find the upload button or whatever is needed to upload photos from my computer. All the best from Neale.
  8. Thanks for your reply, the machine is a Barcrest Jailbirds , with Horizon cabinet ,MPU5 Genesis ,made in 2006. I'm still trying to find how to attach photos to the post ! Cheers from Neale.
  9. Hello fellow fruit machine enthusiasts ! I recently bought a Barcrest Jailbirds machine in a Horizon cabinet ,MPU5 Genesis , the last machine I owned was a JPM Tumble ,( I think that's what it was ) , I bought it for my sons when they were young and of course for me to use !! Now back to the present, I have bought this machine for myself and my eight grandchildren to use , it is set up at the moment to 25p play with a jackpot of £125 , I really want to set this up to 10p play with a £10 jackpot. Would I be right in thinking I need to replace the stake and prize keys with a 10p play and £10 or so jackpot ? All the best to everyone, Neale.
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