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  1. bellawella

    Reel bands

    Hi All. Looking for reel bands for the Italian job 4 the ones with the dynamite symbol on them. Or if any one knows where I could get them printed?? Thanks.
  2. Hi ,,Im looking for reel bands for the itilian job,,70 jp. Bought a machine and two wrong reels in it,, the ones with the dynimate symbol on them,,
  3. Hi I'm looking for a barcrest fireball program card £25 jackpot if anyone can help. Also looking for a sanken power supply 44/48v Thanks
  4. Hi All Im looking for two program cards one for snakez & ladderz 30 jackpot and the other for star wars new hope 70 jackpot,,,,im based in Ireland,,,hopefully someone can help me..... Thanks ..
  5. bellawella


    Hi. Hopefully someone can help. I'm looking for a program card for a star wars new hope machine. I'm in Ireland. Thanks.
  6. Hi Everyone Love this place, I great enjoyment in fixing up broken down machines, so I'm hopeing to get help and spares here. P.
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