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  1. You must have a filing cabinet full of flyers Ron.interesting.so I'm assuming its e/m and not mpu based.
  2. Saw this at weekend,not over exciting.you buy it dude,put you on the ladder.
  3. My new lights now installed in the juke glass front.trial and error and finally sorted it,with good psu.now totally finished.sounds great. 20210116_194336.mp4
  4. Depending which machine you have,it may cost more than it's worth.
  5. warlord

    Lamp issue

    Yes,they are working very well.i will fuck the old ones in the bin.but isn't that what we do,help eachother ?????
  6. I saw this and cabinet is shagged.been damp a while and warped plus falling apart,so worthless really.
  7. warlord

    Lamp issue

    Here is my go bang supply,very well made and it does have safety tests.been running this now 8 hours and lights working fine and psu not even warm.veey happy with it.Just goes to show,do your homework on what you buy and who from.It has a 2 year warranty.its good.
  8. You still not got one mate.just make sure when you do,my herpes dont throw it over your gate.
  9. Found someone now.
  10. Some monies worth there especially now,pleased you on the mend dude.
  11. Hi all,can anyone on here programm a 220b for new pound and 10p.the mech works fine it's in my jukebox,no router it's just the mech cheers.
  12. Crikey that was a mess,did you just repair the base.looks good.
  13. warlord

    Lamp issue

    Fair enough.anyway I will test thoroughly before installing.
  14. warlord

    Lamp issue

    No mate,I've tried several and look crap,the one I have now look good but just need to power them well.
  15. warlord

    Lamp issue

    Its RoHS directive certified.good feedback and 2 year warranty.End of the day all electronics come from China no matter who sells them.This includes,phones,hi fi,TV,light sets,toys etc etc.
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