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  1. warlord

    CD juke stand

    Been busy building my stand,soon be done.i have proper crossovers ,tweeters,woofers,led lights,castors,chrome T molding.it will be the bizz.
  2. warlord

    CD juke stand

    Hi all.ive just purchased a superstars CD juke.im making a custom stand to mount it on.will add pics when I start.Spent today ordering some bits like woofers and tweeters,crossovers,t molding,led lamps,grille etc.Now I'm measuring the cabinet so I can get the wood.
  3. warlord

    BFM Big Dipper.

    Led in any machine is a no no.they look crap.you just dont get the in/out glow of a real lamp.plus early machines will be unregulated ac anyway.
  4. warlord

    BFM Big Dipper.

    I bid on that but gave up at 180.nice machine,I have exact same one but different theme.good game for the era though.
  5. warlord

    Project coin creepy cash

    Look forward to it.
  6. warlord

    Project coin creepy cash

    Love the creepy cash great find,is it exactly same as haunted house apart from the glass,would love a vid of this one.
  7. warlord

    1963 Bergman s100.new project

    Still cant figure out why the basket is out of line,so I'm stripping down to clean all solenoids and switches,plus regap if needed.i cleaned the rotary contacts pictured with a fibre pencil,they were black.very dirty.
  8. warlord


    So who is this Allen guy and where is he from.sounds like another pagett
  9. warlord

    Hi, I'm clueless

    Dond,threpence a dozen,burn it,not worth bothering with.there are thousands on Ebay.
  10. warlord

    Another change machine

    Finished it today,all works great just need decals.measures 13 inch high,9 wide and 6.5 deep.after one revolution when empty the red light top left comes on.
  11. warlord

    1963 Bergman s100.new project

    Mainly Ebay mike,its got a great unusual mech.
  12. Collected today,quite a rare juke.and very compact compared to most.my nsm fanfare is compact but this is even smaller.nice winter project.
  13. warlord

    Ebay machine

    He bought a few from me,he was making a games room,so maybe he is upgrading as we all do.
  14. warlord

    Ebay machine

    That's the one I had,sold it earlier this year,it is in good nik.
  15. warlord


    Now that is a nice old school machine,looks top heavy,weird cabinet,I do love these.And no battery to fuck things up.i would like to see vid of this.