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  1. When I get my coin mech back from Ron I will do a longer vid,get the tissues ready nick.🤣
  2. Yea same cab as pot luck so mpu 4.
  3. Hey rich,how come you got loads of flyers and diagrams but no machine.😁
  4. I understand electrics and circuits but not to Andrew's level.i dont work in electronics so loads of expensive gear is not for me,I've got decent stuff I can use that does the job.just because a tool is less than 500 quid dont make it a cheapo.now some on here like playing machines but cannot fix them others can to a degree and some have never seen a soldering iron,so maybe things need to be said in leymans terms so they can understand and not waffle and blind with science.its no good explaining things in your terms as it's just plain rubbish to some,not because they are thick,but because th
  5. Not sure on this new stuff,but maybe a dongle is used up or out of date.
  6. No done now,I'm not getting into any arguments or bitching matches.you just learn who to avoid and who not too.
  7. I can see some pretty petty ranting here.mr 96 is very good at what he does,maybe cause he has equiptment and knowledge,and he has worked hard,I would love it if he fixed my stuff but I know he has better things to do and ungrateful people who slag his work off.so I can see why he dont do it,and that's hassel,I've had similar so I only fix my own now.ive sent 3 maygay boards for repair with chips,sockets,gamecards solder resist etc and never got them back.when i asked it was excuses now I've not heard a thing in 2 years,so i avoid him now.it is a member on here and deffo not Andy.you know who
  8. Think that regulator you sent helped a lot.i must at least get you a beer dude.i never expect anything for nothing and it cost to post.many thanks again for helping out.
  9. Ok guys,the vid,the screen is really nice but looks flickery on video.ive turned brightness down so it looks better and maybe kinder to the monitor. 20210407_210014.mp4
  10. I would love to get my head round this but like 3d printers it's over my head and tbh I'm really too old to learn.very useful stuff if you can do it.
  11. Now fitted new cooling fan to rear top.also fitted new slats on back just need to paint them black.now I'm going to alter colour and brightness on screen as I think it's too high and all cables fitted and tidy.so vid will be on tonight if all goes well.its made a nice machine.everything working as it should,good artwork and nice cabinet.oh yes,and lower vents on rear door prepared and 3 coats of hammerite black,as they were rusty.
  12. No done no repairs to mpu.just thought I would try it and see what happens so I could sort it all together,but amazingly it worked.ive tried payout slides in test and all ok.its used up the last of my lamp holders.it looks really good,and to think if I didn't buy this it would have been scrapped.
  13. Yes you are right mate,the 48 volt 5 amp gone,replaced it now ok.the service switch was stuck so took it apart,cleaned now ok.all I need now is Ron to upgrade coin mech.he does a great job,will do the vid first when I get home tomorrow.
  14. After some messing sorting things everything seems to work as it should but no payout.non of the 2 coils fire.display counts down as if paying and a tone for every pulse can be heard in speakers.all lamps,all tests and game are fine,any ideas please.
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