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  1. warlord

    JPM Pool Play refurb thread

    Or a damp towel and steam iron.short bursts till its straight.
  2. warlord

    1958 nsm fanfare jukebox

    As long as it works,that's the main thing.i would have used a blade from a feeler gauge.
  3. warlord

    1958 nsm fanfare jukebox

    So,I've pre made new cables for tone arm,got new cartridges and gold plated connectors.ive cut and mounted alloy plates in tone arm to mount cartridges.i will get it sounding good.
  4. warlord

    Nsm bad sound

    Dont really matter now,I'm fitting new cartridges and completely rewiring it my way,although I would still like to know if that could cause it.
  5. warlord

    Am I missing something

    You have to wait for someone who knows and answers.Can be hours,can be days.But weekend = nice weather = not many on.
  6. warlord

    Nsm bad sound

    Hi all,I'm just wondering.Would the + side of a stylus output touching the ground make it sound bad.I have just found in the phono plug to preamp that the 2 output wires yellow and white are touching the ground.Cheers.
  7. warlord

    JPM Pool Play refurb thread

    You can always rely on Ron.
  8. warlord

    ACE go for gold

    Nice machine,as richie said,value dont matter,its enjoyment factor.
  9. warlord

    JPM Pool Play refurb thread

    Nice theme,looks like it needs a lot of work.good luck
  10. warlord

    Another Maygay M1A board problem.

    Yes but no one wants to repair them let alone properly.my last 2 which were triv and Italian job have been very good,but as a whole they are not reliable or easy to fix.
  11. warlord

    Another Maygay M1A board problem.

    Like rocking horse shit,well a working one anyway.i like maygay but got rid of all mine,even without battery damage they can be unreliable.The only way is to remove components and repair the tracks.but then some chips may also be dead from acid fumes.
  12. warlord

    Small (225mm) flow tube.

    Here it is with sleeve,
  13. warlord

    Ten Up repair and service

    First class Ron,looks new,lovely machine,well it is now.
  14. warlord

    Small (225mm) flow tube.

    I've got a new one John you can have it.
  15. warlord

    1958 nsm fanfare jukebox

    Got message from guy who is doing my amp.he said the pre amp is good but 2 valves on main amp were fecked,one of them a pre amp valve,so I'm collecting my fully returned amp Friday,then I can get on with it,