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  1. Think they are same as pinballs use under playfeild.
  2. Thing is Ron is an expert.makes it look easy.i suppose it's not rocket science but depends where your talents are.great job Ron.
  3. Yep,Ron is the guy for this.although if timer is working I cant really see what is to do.as long as you dont fiddle with timer discs it will reset itself.
  4. Looks a simple machine,from front I thought it was mpu based.
  5. I had one of them years ago.nice machine,think I paid about £40 but it was about 20 years ago.
  6. Worth having,but no Ron I'm not bidding
  7. 1990s hot shot fruity.is it any good.
  8. yea i mean pre dmd type.70s 80s.
  9. I'm assuming you have bought 50 volt lamps then,wattage really only determines how bright they are ,go for dimmer,that way it keeps heat output down and is kind to artwork.
  10. Them switches look correct.as for coin mechs I wash in warm soapy water,rinse then hang out to dry.many of the female spades become loose and cause havoc.but in my experience it's rare that micro switches fail and even rarer for relays to fail,unless someone has been messing.
  11. Well done amot.nice work,I knew it wouldn't be much.pleased its sorted rich,happy days,another one saved.
  12. I've had a few Peter simpers.nice machines,normally reliable and over engineered.
  13. E/m pinballs can be very hard to fix,especially William's systems 1 through 7.the mpu and driver boards fail especially the long interconnector that joins the 2 boards.at the age they are it makes sense to replace the boards with one board that takes place of the 2.but they are £300 and the displays are approx £180 each.also known to fail and fry.as for solenoids etc plenty about.just be very careful what you get and pay.like six million dollar man had six displays,over the top and not needed but William's had loads to use up and made games to do just that.it can be very expensive and a big headache ,that's why I stopped doing them,I only do 1991 on with dmd display.better games and easier to fix and get bits.also remember that it's a centre wound transformer and not a primary and secondary as modern stuff is so even the 6 volt output will give you a kick if taken to ground.do your homework very well before you buy,I know.good luck.
  14. I have nothing to test it on or repair it with or I would have a go,unless the glass is broken and vacuum gone my guess is it's good.really seems it's not getting power to me and that can be a few issues as canon man has said.personelly from what I've read I think its either the caps and or onboard small transformer.
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