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  1. -Crest-

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

  2. -Crest-

    Riviera from the 2000 period

    No pics handy but there as MPU4 rebuilds in the jubilee classic style cab
  3. -Crest-

    Casino crazy fruits won't turn on

    Check the mpu for battery damage, also make sure program card is plugged in.
  4. The impact one? Club is better 😁
  5. -Crest-


    He should be able to get them if faulty then, but god knows what else is up with the machine
  6. -Crest-


    He paid 150 or something for the IO board
  7. -Crest-


    Are the roms emulated anybody?
  8. -Crest-

    Lamps not working.

    Yup I second that, check fuses and connectors, could be a PSU issue
  9. -Crest-

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    I quite like this red but it’s for the greater the good 🔨
  10. -Crest-

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    Correct cab 😁
  11. -Crest-

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?

    Cab may be different mate there’s few different genesis, think your wanting small cab <2000
  12. -Crest-


    I think andrews complains for DIF are valid, just wrong timing but yes I totally agree with matty as well, Andrew Posts a lot of great things on this site. Board repairs information, technical help, history etc
  13. -Crest-

    Epoch repairing

  14. -Crest-

    Epoch repairing

    Yup I thought this one was odd to, 6.0 error lol
  15. -Crest-

    Red Dwarf emulation now possible?