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  1. swap out battery or wire it, should just be straight swap no security bs
  2. But what about rule 7 and 8? And rule 10 “again if your selling more than 2 a year you need a license”
  3. I think we should all copy player and use “fuck the GC” as our member title if we are in disagreement with there bullshit.
  4. Thread revival - Does any of these exist today?
  5. Great escape club epoch, if someone could test these as well it would be appreciated Maygay_greatescapeclub.G2.BIN Maygay_greatescapeclub.G1.BIN GreatEscapeclubSound2.BIN GreatEscapeclubSound1.BIN
  6. Cheers don’t think I’ve seen that before
  7. Are these new resources? I’m not seeing any photos or emus of this machine, hopefully those Roms work especially if there not out there
  8. Wow! Get them on eBay mate 😂
  9. To advanced for me Andrew but thanks, would you recommend me using a regular anti static wrist band from RS or Farnell instead of using nothing?
  10. While we are on the subject of ESD, do not use cheap anti static straps from eBay / Amazon etc, there a scam have had 2 and both didn’t work at all checked with multimeter. Andrew do you think the anti static wrist bands on RS or Farnell would do the group? (Even if I don’t have a grounding plate) currently I just touch metal every few seconds, but not doing much static damaging things atm other than dumping EPROMs
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