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  1. Anduino83

    eastenders maygay m1

    hi mate.im afraid its the queen vic one.
  2. Anduino83

    eastenders maygay m1

    not sure if this is in the correct place but i have an eastenders maygay m1 that i want to sell if any one is interested .
  3. Anduino83

    maygay m1a eastenders red top glass

    hey homer.what kind of mayday stuff are you after
  4. Anduino83

    fruit machines

    i have a pink panther that has attract mode to.
  5. Anduino83

    maygay M1A monopoly roms/e.s.p

    hi guys.i don't suppose any one would happen to have a monopoly e.s.p with rom chip would they.and may be a 5p/£10 chip.
  6. Anduino83


    my collection
  7. hey guys,check out my gallery.

  8. Anduino83

    the arcade

    my collection so far.
  9. Anduino83

    maygay pcl procon

    haha,tell me bout it.i do it every time.always go for the hard stuff first.one day i may learn.
  10. Anduino83

    donate problem

    ah ha.its ok iv sorted it,thank u.
  11. Anduino83

    donate problem

    hi guys,so basically i made an account ages ago and forgot i had done so.i then made another one and by accident i ended up donating on that account and not this one.now when i sign into this account and go to donate,it says my other account name an not this one.what can i do. thanks
  12. Anduino83

    maygay pcl procon

    hi guys,so heres the update.finally played it properly and what a beaut.lovely machine.only problem with it now was it didn't pay out.so went back to the psu and went through the circuits to find the 50v ac to run the pay solenoids.found what i needed an wired it up.so wile standing at a distance i switched it on.........all good so far,so i put some coins in an played it till i won some coins back.then.......time to pay out,so pushed the collect and....................absolutely nothing so yet again back to testing,tested the volts,spot on.tested what i could with out taking it all apart again,all seemed ok.so took the board out AGAIN.got it on the bench an tested an tested until i suddenly had a thought.im pretty sure they won't pay out if door is open.so decided this was worth a little try,so put the board back in the machine,shut the door and put some coins in.it then came to pay out time.can any one guess what happened........... bloody thing payed out didn't it. what a twat. so yeah,moral of the story.always check the most easiest and quickest things first.but on a good note.the machine is completely working now.all on the mk1 maygay psu i had spare for donkey kong.sweeeeeeeet. thanks for all of your replys and inputs guys.and yes i will be reporting when the next issue comes up.will ad some pics aswel when i can. oh an yeah thats cool dave when ever you can mate thank you.
  13. Anduino83

    maygay pcl procon

    Hi guys,Thanks for all your replys on this machine.I finally got all the new transistors in the board last night.An to my delight,I turned it on an straight away the reels span round an set. Then the lights started up,A few cracks from them as they did,Due to some dirty contacts i think.And then the lights died again.....Dooooh......so out it came again an i found another transistor had failed.So......replaced that an plugged it in,This time when it started, It all went ok but then the reels kept spinning by them selves and not setting.I then noticed that reel 3 was acting different to the others,And then it stopped all together.....Soooooo.......board back out again After going through the reel 3 circuit i found T55,T56 and T58 were bad.Problem now was i didn't have any ZTX602,s so i borrowed 3 from reel circuit 5 which is not used on this machine and stuck those in.Then.....switched her on and baaaaaaaam.job done.Shes now up and running.First time in properly 20 years.All i need now is a proper psu as its still running on a maygay mk1 psu.i haven't even seen the front lit up yet as its facing the wall.Cant wait to test the old girl.Thank you to all of you who replied and helped.much love
  14. Anduino83

    maygay pcl procon

    Thank you for your reply, I had a feeling they may b rare.doooh. I have actually got a maygay mk1 power supply in it at the mo with out the pay slides ac connected.All i get is the reels power up at mo but testing the board i came across some transistors that where a bit suspect and they just so happen to be on the lighting circuit.Im literally waiting for the last type to turn up which should be tomorrow,Then i can start repairing the board.I don't suppose u no if you have to have the pay slides powered to be able to get it to boot do you.apart from the obvious reason of not being connected.haha. thanks again.
  15. Anduino83

    maygay pcl procon

    Hi guys.I recently acquired a pcl procon (mayday) grand slam fruity. Unfortunately some one over the time has taken the psu out an it has now been lost.My big question is.........would any body no where i could get one of these from.Any info would b much appreciated.Thanks in advance for any info. andy