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  1. Marco1971

    PAL ic

    Do you have pictures of these cards?
  2. Marco1971

    PAL ic

    I have new software and individual cards, but I don't have the PAL ic's. The cabinet will not start without PAL.
  3. Marco1971

    PAL ic

    Hi guys, Who can tell me what a PAL ic does on a mpu4 program card? I'm looking for PAL M427, M454 and M480. Greatzz, Marco
  4. Marco1971

    Barcrest Dutch Triple Bank

    The name of this machine is Triple Bank, but the reeltapes shows Triple Deck. Triple Deck does not exist in the Netherlands.
  5. Marco1971

    Barcrest Dutch Triple Bank

    I bought this machine from a second hand store, 30 euros.
  6. Marco1971

    Scorpion 1 Issue 4

    Ron is a friend of mine. We have the same thoughts.
  7. Marco1971

    Scorpion 1 Issue 4

    Goodmorning :-) Who knows the resistance value of R29? It concerns the audio circuit of Scorpion1 mpu ISSUE 4 Greetzz, Marco
  8. Marco1971

    Barcrest Atlantis

    Barcrest Dutch Atlantis
  9. Marco1971

    Barcrest Atlantis

    This is my latest acquisition. It's the Dutch Atlantis from Barcrest in a wall cabinet. (1990) YouTube: goo.gl/rRiszV
  10. Marco1971

    PSU Barcrest Reflex MPU-L

    Thanks DJ Bez :-) A friend asked me and just sent me the pictures. I have no more information. Anyway thanks for your replay.
  11. Goodmorning, Does anyone know where this type of PSU comes from? It's not a standard MPU4 PSU.....
  12. Marco1971

    Hello :-)

    Magic Replay 200 - MPU3 Club 2000 Special Edition - Scorpion 1 Runner Unlimited - Pluto 5
  13. Marco1971

    Upload manuals

    Thanks everyone. Especially Riche100 and Pete ! I have now access to the documents section. Tonight I will start uploading the manuals. There are also many in Dutch. I upload some beautiful flyers too. In a few minutes I upload two manuals of Barcrest and ACE. These are on my pc at work.
  14. Marco1971

    Upload manuals

    Indeed, I can not into the document section unless I first donate. Strange, to upload files should I donate first...
  15. Marco1971

    Upload manuals

    I see no document section. Only Downloads -> Graphics etc.... In the list of Graphics is not an option Documents. Other lists either. I have already posted some flyers.