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  1. Tilly1

    Blue moon for Big j

    Thanks mark 👍
  2. Tilly1

    Blue moon for Big j

    I haven’t forgotten big j I’m just away from home quite a bit bc at he moment but I will get the £6 roms dumped soon 👍
  3. Tilly1

    Socket Adapter

    Can I ask what these daughter boards actually do please ,as I had one on my “project coin “bear x machine board
  4. Tilly1

    Blue moon for Big j

    I did two lots of photos one with lights off and one with lights on hope this helps 👍
  5. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    Very happy days 😁 all I have to sort out now is to get some good quality close up photos of the original 4.80 and 2.40 prizes and find a printers that’s able to print a high quality image to the correct size for me 👍
  6. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    And here’s a couple more Videos of attract modes and i changed over program cards just to make sure there isn’t any problems with the cards to affect the lamps IMG_4053.MOV IMG_4057.MOV
  7. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    Ok so A BIG thank you to Alan, tony and Simon and anyone else that has been involved with this project for spending a lot of there time trying to work out how to get round the chr chip in the mpu4 programs 👍Alan has very kindly sent me down The rom for this and here we have just a few videos of the 4.80 no chr version and the £6 version with chr to see the difference between the two machines IMG_4052.MOV IMG_4051.MOV
  8. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    Thank you for spending the time to sort this out I will do a video of the results as soon as I get the rom to test , unless someone else has a blue moon and the kit to burn a rom first 😁
  9. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    Test machine ready 😁
  10. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    And patience 😁
  11. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    If this works out with the chr’s how many machines will be saved 👍I might even find a nudge nudge wink wink on £4.80 or be able to convert a £6 back to £4.80 fingers crossed one turns up 🤞
  12. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    I don’t mind testing the chr’s for you 😉 MATE 😂
  13. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    Yep your correct chris it’s a blue moon it’s currently on £6 jackpot and I’m trying to get it back to £4.80
  14. Tilly1

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    Cheers For the help tony , hopefully someone will have a spare one hidden away in a old mpu4 program card 🤞