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  1. Here’s a picture of the dip switches in the back of my machine as you can see dip switch 3 the 1st orange one is up check your one and see if it is the same ?
  2. Reels going out of sync could be the reel speed setting on the scorpion 2 board dip switches have to be set for time lord this is another problem that I’ve had before ,two weeks later after I had swopped all the reel motors over and broke a reel band I worked it out 😁I will have a look at mine later or player is the scorpion 2 guy on here at the moment he might be able to confirm quicker for you about the reels going out of sync and the clicking noise is quite normal on theses not sure what causes it to be honest but you get used to it 👍
  3. Hopefully mick will be along soon to give his side of the story , but I’ve never had a problem with him so I’m very confused about this as I know he’s certainly not in it for the money as I’m sure others who have spoke with Mick would agree, I’m sure it will all be sorted out and hopefully it’s just a wires crossed situation and it can be sorted out like gentlemen
  4. They look brilliant , I know a lot of the perfectionists wouldn’t be happy mentioning no names 😉but with reel band duplicating being one of the hardest parts to sort in a restoration project these look brilliant mate every one who contributed to the making of them should be proud of them ,well done everyone 👍now get them on the reels and give them a spin 😁
  5. Just had a quick look and I can not see anywhere saying where the link must go ☹️
  6. Big breakfast was my first machine I bought when I decided to get into fruit machines and basically about 3 months after I bought it the board went down so I bought another working board from eBay off of mr p burton who is great with scorpion 2 tech and he asked me what machine I wanted it for and then told me about the link and said he would fit it in the correct position for me after I fitted the new board I noticed the different and correct sounds that for some strange reason i had never noticed before I guess because I was new to it ,come to think of it 🤔 I have a big breakfast manual s
  7. Possibly but until I have a look at my machine I would not do it yet as yours may be correct already ,I will give my mate a shout and ask him to take a photo it may take a couple of days as he’s not the greatest at getting back to people straight away 😁there’s quite a few members on here with big breakfasts or with great knowledge about the scorpion 2 boards so someone else might be able to shed some light quicker for you I’m sure I have seen a post on this before on here but I might be wrong it’s worth having a quick check 👍
  8. Sounds like the rom might be ok and you could need to swop the link on the board as I’ve had the same problem before if you take a picture of the whole board I’m sure someone will be able to confirm for you I’ve leant my big breakfast out at the moment so I can’t check myself but I can get my mate to double check or someone else might be able to check quicker for you on here
  9. Can I just ask please when you get the frames powder coated do you dismantle them in to single pieces or do you leave them assembled like they are now in the picture thank you
  10. Hopefully after this week Mike I should get a few weeks working local so I can spend a bit of time sorting the little bits out ready for when I pick up the donor cab to put it back together thanks again Mike I’m going to do my best to get it looking perfect cheers 🍻
  11. I also had time to do a little trick tony taught me give the lamp masks a couple of coats of white spray paint to brighten them up here’s a before and after photo cheers tony 🍻
  12. Quick up date I’ve had a couple of hours on Saturday night /Sunday morning before I was off to work so I removed the buttons and gave them a good clean up and removed the glasses out of the frames and removed the vents from the rear door so every thing is ready to take to the powder coaters to get a price to clean up and powder coat
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