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  1. Thanks player I’m back working local this week so hopefully will get a few hours on it and a bit of progress cheers 🍻
  2. It’s Back up now ,it would be nice to see a collector get this 👍
  3. Thank you nick 👍and I will have a look at the silver Hammerite smooth spray
  4. Hi nick I do have another reel deck base In original condition I also have the vents in original condition the only thing I don’t have is the meter base so if it doesn’t look right when I’ve finished I can swop them bits over 😉 yep I still have the kick step I’m going to make a new base as the sides of the old one were a bit bashed up
  5. Thanks mick 👍here’s a couple more photos of the progress I managed a few hours on Saturday not sure if I will get a chance this weekend but fingers crossed 🤞
  6. Meter plinth made out of the off cut from the top of the cab and the old door which was black ash effect but you won’t see the black ash as it’s going to be inside the cab under the mpu4 mounting plate
  7. So spraying all done now had a go on a couple of extra bits and really pleased with the results and I’ve just tested the meters and they all work fine , result 👍I also sprayed the reel deck base as i got the powder coaters to sand blast it but told them to leave it bare as I thought it might look ok but the more I looked at it I could see the rust trying to start again so a quick coat of rust remover and then anti rust primer then black satin and it looks much better , I also sprayed the token sorter and token catcher and they have come up like new as the plastic was looking tired ,time will tell if it was the right decision 😁hopefully after I have sorted the base and made the plinth for the meters it will be time to start putting this baby back together again cheers for reading 🍻
  8. Ahh I remember you mentioning about it now 👍black spay paint is easier I think, just got my fingers crossed that I have re connected back up the meters properly as I did not have the special tool to reinsert them properly in to the connector so used a fine tipped screwdriver in my haste time will tell 😉
  9. Too late mate there sprayed now pictures to follow over the weekend 😁 what on earth is blueing?
  10. All sanded down and given a couple of coats of hammerite rust remover ready for spray painting
  11. Good point about the rubber and not plastic I hadn’t thought of that maybe I will leave it then as it is good still to be fair and will save me £30 😁started on the meters and the brackets today as i brought them away with me , giving them a clean up and will probably spray them up silver or black ?
  12. Another quick up date I managed to finish a job a day early on Friday so I got to go home for a day which meant I got to play on the cab for a few hours in the afternoon , which was a bonus 😁 after a bit of head scratching and double checking measurements I finally marked it all out and started to butcher the cab here’s a few pictures of the progress I’m really pleased with the result so far it’s all glued back up together and has set in place nicely now , I'm going to make a new base for it as the mdf base was a bit bashed at the sides and then going to give it a good clean and polish up next weekend , I’m in two minds on if I change the t moulding as the original is not too bad but it might be worth doing it as it will give it that final new finish 👍 next job is to sort out the meters as on the club cab there down to the left hand side and on the arcade cab there in the center on a plinth so I’ve got to make a plinth with my off cut from the bottom of the cab where I cut the new door in and clean all the rust of of the meter brackets and give them a good clean up while I’m working away , thanks for reading cheers dave 🍻
  13. Sounds like a good plan to me 😁
  14. Cheers nick nothing will be throw away all will be kept and once I’ve finished doing the line up I will offer up any bits left to hopefully help some one else out with a project or restoring there pot luck 👍
  15. Unfortunately the cab from Mike b was too far gone on the top and bottom and had swollen and cracked the finish so it has now been scrapped ☹️ and this was the only cab available to me at the time, a few weeks earlier and the cab you were giving away would have been perfect , I do understand about scrapping a pot luck but but the bottom and back door weren’t original on it so I’m hopefully going to make a good machine out of it ,sorry I know you love your club machines nick ☹️
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