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  1. mark300

    Blue moon for Big j

    Here you go mate Dave asked me to upload this for you. bluemoon£6token.BIN
  2. mark300

    Eastenders Blue glass £10 rom set

    It’s ok there here there reo hacked, this is just the game rom should work with your original sound roms Eastenders£10
  3. Hi all has anyone ever found or dumped the £10 rom set for eastenders (blue glass), as the ones on planet have no description and most don’t work.
  4. mark300

    Maygay M1 Series ROM Versions

    Cheers mate much appreciated
  5. mark300

    Maygay M1 Series ROM Versions

    Morning all would anyone have the £8 token jackpot roms for gladiator cheers in advance
  6. mark300

    Scorpion 2

    Sounds like the ic that controls the volume has blown common fault on scorpion 2
  7. mark300

    mpu4 m607 chr needed

    You could always ask James sharpe to take the chr out for you.
  8. mark300


    The worst thing is Tony is I sold it to Alan about 6 months ago and left me in full working order, so someone has a nice set of cards now.
  9. mark300


    In out board should not be a problem to get hold of, I have a complex sound board you can have think I got from Richie . Ram from eBay and I most probably lay my hand a processor if sulzerned don’t mind give him a shout.
  10. mark300

    £1 not going into hopper

    Thanks lads
  11. mark300

    New arrivals today

    I spy 4 of my old machines here 😝
  12. mark300

    Astra Party Time player conundrum

    If anyone has the set of none gamble random features please let me know after them for mine
  13. mark300

    JPM Impact repairs

    There’s nice red ones out there
  14. mark300

    Mech update

    I can do it if needed mate
  15. mark300

    Snapped ribbon cables Coin mechs

    You cannot just swap out the pcb if you do the mech will need reprogramming as the sensor always varies from one mech to another