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  1. SA65

    MFME 1.98

    Don't need it now managed to pick up a few machines today from an old guy near Berwick one is a clickity click.
  2. SA65

    MFME 1.98

    Thank's for that, I have signed up but as a new member can't download it.
  3. SA65

    MFME 1.98

    I now have windows 10 installed but need to find mfme 1.98 has anyone got a link to the download.
  4. SA65

    MFME 1.98

    Thank's guy's will do that.
  5. SA65

    MFME 1.98

    Hi Guys, I am trying to get Clickity Click to run on win 7 but it say's I need mfme 1.98 to run it can anyone help me get this.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Old-Arcade-Gaming-Machines/143650070559?hash=item217236201f:g:KRAAAOSw7M9fAbtD
  7. SA65

    Hi Ron, whats the purpose of the disk in these photos, it's got the four fingers just like the reels.DSC00001.thumb.JPG.37d32601ba028027a09040798add4f22.JPGDSC00002.thumb.JPG.d70d470ca6bbacc851d3d3b359c1ac27.JPG


  8. I think it would have been sixpence / half crown or 10p / 50p
  9. Not a clue Ron, the reel motor is unusual to me it's a pear or tear drop shape, the only name on it is on the reels which is Wyvern a place in Plymouth where I bought it.
  10. Managed to get the ugly machine up and running, give it a clean, put new 10p mech in, changed it from 25p token to pay out coins and now need to build a new cabinet, plays and pays as it should so well worth the 26 quid to save it.
  11. I have attached some photo's of the loose wires and meter wires I have traced.
  12. Ron can you have a look at an early thread by Stu, pics for bf74 club nudger help, looking at his transformer it looks like the white and blue wires are going to the 240v.
  13. The only one to come from the coin mech wiring is the yellom and red, and this has 2 spades attached, the other 2 are going into the plug and going to the main board I think, I will need to trach them, it looks like the only place the wires can reach is that key operated switch.
  14. Next to the bunch of neutrals is a red and blue wire this has 200v coming out, all the low voltages are correct aswell, I have attached a few more photos for you to look at. Sorry for the hassle Ron.
  15. This could be a very ignorant question, if I feed the transformer with 240v how does that power get to the machine, on the other side of the transformer it only has 0v, 12v, 15v, 20v, 24v and 30v out.
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