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  1. Easier than logging into a BBS that's been shut for a year haha... seems capt Haddock got ti for you though...
  2. That's not going to work is it? Deal Or No Deal Double Deal Or No Deal (Bellfruit) [Rom].zip
  3. Geddy

    Project Coin / PCL Mega Money

    All I have... and thanks.. Mega Money (Project) [Rom].zip
  4. Geddy

    wild nudge mpu4

    Just to confirm, I had wnudge (and it's layouts) as Winning Nudge (DJE). Can I assume the rom/layout should indeed be called Wild Nudges (DJE)? The layouts look mighty similar to the photo above...
  5. Geddy

    wild nudge mpu4

    I t does not rebuild into the dat so must be slightly different, many thanks for the info...
  6. Geddy

    wild nudge mpu4

    Is this a Barcrest game?
  7. Geddy

    wild nudge mpu4

    Thank you
  8. Geddy

    party time casino v7.03

    Thank you...
  9. Geddy

    SRU Super Shuffle £3

    Thank you
  10. Geddy

    high flyer scorpion game roms

  11. Geddy

    bwb early lucky strike game and sound roms

    Thank you...
  12. Geddy

    Coinmaster SWP ROMs - "The Fruit Machine"

    Thank you...
  13. Geddy

    Mpu5 software

    Yes... well copied to a chip or whatever method is used.
  14. Geddy

    Club Utter nutter {epoch}

    Many thanks..