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  1. Yeah, my Cashbolt is on the list!
  2. Here you go! 37255-PCP SYS1 RUNNaROUND.zip
  3. My Test Pilot was converted from a Strike-Ten, it still had the original JPM bands under the PCP ones! Nice to see the original.
  4. @Simon SevensDo you know if the Castle Tensation reel set is still available please?
  5. TTX

    PCP Nudge Break

    I found a slightly better image from the same flyer...
  6. I had a Full House, I sold it many years ago to make way for another machine. On occasions, a single cherry win would gamble all the way to JP!
  7. Work were disposing of some old LED emergency lights. I salvaged the LED strips and put them to good use! The two 3D printed rings allow the strip to be snapped into the existing tube clips. Power is taken from a spare 12v output on Con4 and the small in-line PCB regulates the 12v down to 3.3v. Old fluorescent tube still fitted: LED strip fitted:
  8. TTX


    I like Sentinel mechs, mainly because they're easy to program and you don't need a new prom to do it!
  9. TTX


    The most common fault I've had with Sentinel mechs is a broken wire going to the coil in the reject flap. The break will usually be near the hinge pin where the wires flex.
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