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  1. TTX


    I like Sentinel mechs, mainly because they're easy to program and you don't need a new prom to do it!
  2. Barcrest Magnificent 7's!
  3. TTX


    The most common fault I've had with Sentinel mechs is a broken wire going to the coil in the reject flap. The break will usually be near the hinge pin where the wires flex.
  4. TTX

    Noteshoot MPS2

    Check the voltage indicator LEDs on the MPU, just a guess but sounds like the -12v might be down.
  5. TTX

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    Yes, if there is credit remaining! It transfers the £2 to the note grid and starts the feature. If you get the £2 from bells, melons or bars on the last credit then it does the usual jackpot display and that's it.
  6. TTX

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

  7. TTX

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    It did a £16 streak 8 minutes before this one, so pretty much a £60 streak. Would you believe that it has already taken the whole lot back?!
  8. TTX

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    A little over 10000 credits from the full £50 streak. It has also done a £20 and £30 in quick succession between then and now. Currently running at 77% actual payout. It will suck the money pretty quickly when it wants to.
  9. TTX

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    Finally, a decent streak caught on video! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e3GR9495-fA
  10. I did suggest it was the reel optos! When the bottom segment starts flickering, the reels would normally be doing the initial spin while the game looks for the tabs. Some games just freeze and alarm if it can't find them. Without reels, my Hi Roller will try/fail/fart2x, then try/fail/fart2x again, then go into attract mode regardless!
  11. MPS normally alarms at that point if a reel opto isn't working properly. That bottom segment flashing like crazy is the CPU talking to the Reel MCU. I think.
  12. TTX

    Which Machine?

    This may also be of use: https://www.makerguides.com/tb6600-stepper-motor-driver-arduino-tutorial/ I've used two of these cheap Chinese stepper controllers in an automatic test machine we created at work, they do a pretty good job for the price!
  13. TTX

    Bell fruit hostory great read

    @Player I did, enjoy! Bell-Fruit-Article.pdf
  14. TTX

    Astra's hot reel classic

    Thanks, nice game!
  15. The board I have has Bar-X 125 program and sound roms installed. No idea about different versions though. Mine says PCB No. 11304 ISSUE 7.