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  1. TRITKO20

    My machines on the phone :)

    My favourite machines on my HUAWEI y550 phone... (Barcrest big 20 joker and Round Roulette)
  2. TRITKO20

    Hungarian Ambassador (Roulette)

    Classic Ambassador arrows...
  3. TRITKO20

    mpu4 power supply repair

    MPU4 power supply capacitor replacement...
  4. TRITKO20

    Hungarian Ambassador cca1990-2000

    Video is coming soon. (Now fix it damage caused by the battery ...)
  5. Hello, I loved the Hungarian Roulette cca (Barcrest MPU3) machine cca 1986-1992. (This machine 3 reels, and gamble 12 numbers roulette). "Childhood favorite" is BARCREST Ambassador. (13 years old he was playing it). I worked the Skala-luescher International Ltd. from 1989 to 1991. (It was my first job). There appeared to MPU4 4 reels Hungarian Ambassador (also roulette). There are also about my pictures, if you will permit, upload ... Hi everyone.