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  1. Thanks all, glass had gone. Search continues
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/442839590057908/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner Apologies, forgot to add it. He's offered it to me for £160 no idea if that's cheap or expensive. These older machines are not my thing.
  3. One for sale on FB. I could pick it up and store it in Abergele if anyone wanted it. Working order the seller says.
  4. I'll take this if it's not broken already?
  5. I noticed on youtube someone else playing their Crackpot £60 and it's got an exchange button. Mine doesn't....any idea why some do and some don't?
  6. Looking for the top right hand small glass for Crackpot Club if anyone has one. Many thanks all.
  7. Used to play this in the ex serviceman's club in Colwyn bay. Had to get it when it popped up on evilbay.
  8. Still here Boss is getting hacked off with them now so last shout on these. I really do hate binning things.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/116549906825130/ Old club machine.
  10. There's a series of photo's. He travelled the A1 up and down taking photos. I used to go out with my old man on school hols in his truck. My intro to the machines!
  11. What's the machine hiding in the corner?
  12. I drove a big bomag compactor on a tip in the early 90's. The amount of machines that were crushed, we weren't allowed to take anything
  13. Stay of execution for a while, I've done a ligament in my knee so they'll be there for a while yet Anyone needs anything they're welcome to it.
  14. Right these are doomed, what tools will I need to take parts off? Anything specialist? I'll save the reels and glass, anyone else need anything?
  15. No interest? What's worth saving off these? I'm a noob to it all. If they're not worth saving I'll use the reels for a lamp and put the glass up in my workshop
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