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  1. Wondering if you guys could post a couple of links to some good online electrical stores that sell blank chips and components etc. Thanks
  2. dr slots, thanks! and i already got some and posted but thanks again! ploggy, got lots of machines.. just finding the time to dump them haha, working sunday and monday, so tuesday ill try and get a nice few uplooaded.
  3. Sorry about the delay, been quite busy lately. heres a few, dump more tuesday. Heres a archive with 6 roms that were not in the database. or diffrent versions. Bar x seven Casino monopoly multiplayer Joker poker Golden game find the lady crazy fruits Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/269587875/Fruit_Machine_Roms.rar.html Bar x Seven 30p 35 jackpot.rar
  4. those ones above i have dumped, time for some work now. i have more in storage that i can dump tomorow, ploggy, do you want me to upload these? so you can add to the db?
  5. Thanks ploggy! dr_slots: i can copy. no need for postage. captainhaddock: Then they should be correct! Also im on site atm, And we have a golden game here so just for the safe side ill dump those. Im gona dump some roms now ill post when i get home tonight. Thanks. EDIT: Dumped so far Golden Game 10p 5 pound jackpot topbox and slave units. Bar x seven Find the lady (was in your list but version numbers on these ones, so they maybe later roms) Crazy fruits casino 25p/25 pound jackpot Joker Poker 10p 5 pound Casino Mulitplayer monopoly .. checking rest of your li
  6. Thanks ill take a look now, Dont suppose you got the golden game topbox sound roms have you?
  7. Just yesterday we scrapped about 30 machines, oldies, like the old crazy fruits maygay cabinet, stuff like that, I pull the program cards out a few. ploggy how do i know what you have and havent got? i know theres a database accessable to the higher rank users. Theres stuff coming in and out all the time ill take a look at the stock later and post a few. captainhaddock: are those topbox sound? If anyone can get the original please post. Thanks
  8. t0pP8uZz

    on-off alarm

    Yeah your correct, The alarm needs to time itself out, It can take quite a while sometimes, just leave the machine on till it stops
  9. Hey guys, another golden game request, I need a dump of the Golden Game topbox sound chips, Thanks in advanced. As always, i have machines in stock and if anyone needs ROMs just ask, no golden game in storage atm thou, so thats why im requesting. Thanks
  10. We currently dont have stocklists no, Theres a fair amount of stuff coming in and out thou. Is that from the database system80 talks about? Ill burn these roms tomorow and test them ill let you know.
  11. bigtime2u exactly! Ploggy your a star! Any newish roms you need hit me up, We have a warehouse full of stuff. These are 10p untouched right?
  12. My bad, i mean mazooma. and by untouched i mean just dumped and not messed with
  13. Hey guys, Im in need of a set of Golden Game's roms from bellfruit, They must be 10p/5 pound jackpot, untouched Thanks
  14. FINALLY! laptop is here.. its so nice.. i recommand the hp hdx16t to anyone.. pricey thou ;/ ill posts roms asap
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