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  1. Andrew96_

    mpu4 bwb lucky strike machine with hopper coin mec [ help ]

    I got a feeling it has been mentioned before somewhere, it is like there was standard routines within the programming which the programmer could call on.... or not depending on the machine hardware, so it is possible you could see error codes for tubes which are never called in the main program when it is written for a hopper machine. Also don't hopper machines on MPU4 have extra drive boards and things for which there is no documented information on.
  2. Andrew96_

    Desoldering stations?

    to late it has now been sold
  3. Andrew96_

    Desoldering stations?

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PACE-ST-75-SOLDER-DESOLDER-STATION-WITH-SX80-HANDPIECE/174386330888 this won’t last long at that price
  4. Andrew96_

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    just shows the reasons NOT to do a ram clear on machines as it takes a lot of credits to do those streaks!
  5. Andrew96_

    Barcrest Royale exchange- help

    don't forget if you 'flywire' the battery the vapours/rot still travel up the cable, it is not a magical cure as you still need to keep a eye on it, that is unless its next stop is ebay then you only need to do as little as possible to get it working again
  6. Andrew96_


    Never mind Del, I am sure you will be able to help someone someday, His problem is not that easily fixable
  7. Andrew96_


    I still think F13 is the way to go 🤣
  8. Andrew96_


    the answer is when the problem occurs to press F13 on the keyboard, that will fix it
  9. Andrew96_


    If it has a red wire, a green wire, and a blue wire.... then ALWAYS cut the BLUE wire first!
  10. Andrew96_


  11. Andrew96_

    £1 not going into hopper

    that was obviously done so both old and new pound coins could be accepted when the new pounds came out, routing was done to put the old pounds in the cash box and new pounds went to fill the tubes I think it shows the mars mechs are not that bad for there age, they work well when set correctly I am not sure the mektek programmers have the ability to have that finesse no coins need to be sacrificed for sure
  12. Andrew96_

    £1 not going into hopper

    I had no problems programming mars mechs to take everything!!!!! take a look, nickel and steel 10p and old and new £1 coins, it can be done!!!!
  13. Andrew96_

    £1 not going into hopper

    I have heard of mechs done on the mektek that it opens up the tolerances so much that a 1p can credit as £1
  14. Andrew96_

    £1 not going into hopper

    I bought a Mektek, pile of poo it was too! It went back and I got a full refund, even the stand did not fit the mechs and they advised using a rubber band! now when the mechs have to be programmed in the upright position with no extra pressure on the front a rubber band clamping it I don't think is a very clever idea! as Ron says it is very quick to deduct a credit (take money from you) before you actually know if it is going to work or not!! I myself use a the one below, with the lead connected you can manipulate the parameters in real time then put a coin through and see if it will accept or not, I found doing the mechs this way allowed you to see all the settings for the pounds, and the 2 types of 10p allowing you to actually see if the coins overlapped and what settings was the problem, diameter width and material, YES it took longer to program each mech but was great to make sure it all worked BEFORE committing to burning to a chip! also apart from the chip cost and extra time making sure everything was ok there was no extra fee to pay!! myself have never seen a 10p go through as a pound before on any I have messed with, the skill is in the person that does the programming, not in the fancy mektek all singing all dancing programmer which is very poor at what it actually does I think!
  15. Andrew96_

    JPM Impact repairs

    yes a 5v psu so I could power it up to check the oscillator