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  1. Hi speaking to you from earlier just joined so not sure if this is right but like I said I’ll take it please ? 🙂

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    2. system1


      Email for PayPal is - roderz67@gmail.com

      Make it payment to family / friends - as they won't take any fees then


    3. Superpots


      Ok I’ve just got the message reply something slow going on or it’s me lol. 
      will send early morning as I thought you may have gone to bed as I have now. 100% sort in morning Thankyou 

    4. Superpots


      Should be there now when you see this 👍🏻

  2. Hi

    Did That last message reach you ?


  3. Hi

    Did That last message reach you ?


    1. system1



      Yeah just spotted it,

      I'm in Telford, Shropshire

    2. Skell



      What do you have , im after anything, ive a grand prix, pay rise and grand national, and ten none working boards.

      its a nightmare of a project, what do you have , ill take any ace space bits and ill come down straight away



  4. hi

    Please can i take all the ace space items from you , i will pay you more than 2 slabs of beer,

    where abouts are you, my no. is 07770 901855



  5. Manual for NV7 note acceptor here, (yours is the newer NV9 version) http://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=719
  6. very interesting photo's, love seeing old tech stuff. I remember having to do all that, takes me back to my YOP day's (remember them anyone??) designing boards by hand, but the chemicals used to stink, reminded me of photo developing, - but at least it was more interesting than what my mates were doing at the time, except they were on more than £23.50 a week!
  7. Glad to here you got it running, 1st thing I'd do is dump the hopper, you never know ;-)
  8. On a more positive note, if you need to replace the mpu the MPU5 mother boards a relatively cheap as there is not a big demand for them because they rarely fail, in my experience anyway, never had a faulty MPU5, only psu's and mux boards.
  9. Sort of, I think its when the software 'sees' activity on an input line that it is not supposed to be using (see my post above on how this can happen)
  10. According to the error codes list, 90-4D is "FATAL" Doesn't mention much more about it other than.... "Class 4 alarms,,, These alarms are the result of inconsistencies detected during software checks. They can be caused by software faults or hardware problems with the memory. They can also be caused by RFI or ESD. Data for these alarms is shown below." However I'm sure I've seen this before and got it fixed, a customer had fitted a note acceptor and said he started getting this alarm - what he DIDN'T say was that he had replaced one of the bulb holders and had wired it backwards
  11. system1


    Having a clear out and found an old HD nearly in pieces - literally - it had no screws holding it together !! And it still booted !! found some rom files on it, I know some have already been upped before but thought they might be of interest as there are some multiple versions on same games and I'm sure there's 1 or 2 unknown games Also an Impact machine called '7 deadly bins' with something extra Space.zip impact.zip
  12. ^^^ what he said, although you might find that the rocker switch is missing and you just have the connectors tucked away somewhere.
  13. Forgive me for asking, and no offence intended if you know your stuff, but got to ask just in case. but I assume you know which way up the proms have to be fitted - its a very very easy mistake to make and can/will kill a prom and lead to the said problem. (after 20 odd years I can still do it now and again !!!!)
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