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  1. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    Freebie Colchester!

    if I was closer to colchester I may have been tempted.. lol. Thats a deal for anyone closeby!!
  2. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    Scorpion 2 MPU wanted !

    Hi all, Spent a bit of time bodging my Big Breakfast (Scorp2) MPU board back to life, but in doing so encoutered/created a few newer issues that only become apparent in diagnostic mode now... as such am loathed to mess about with the board any more in case it goes back to being broken, but would like to get the fruity working 100%. As such am looking for a replacement scorp2 MPU to keep the machine happy whilst I fiddle further with the other one, and to act as a safety net should I happen to kill the other in the process. lol. Anyone happen to have one knocking about they would be happy to sell ?? TIA, Andy. (GBB)
  3. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    A set of bulbs is winging its way to me from ebay land,, so will take some proper pics when it is completely happy. Anyone got any advice on best finish to refurbish the edging with ? ... you see in the pics the red shiny edging around the machine ?? it is sticky backed plastic and quite nasty and scuffed etc.. just wondered if anyone has any suggestions on possible pitfalls to look out for when doing a edging revamp ?? am thinking of using some carbon fibre effect sticky backed plastic such as this ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A2-A3-A4-A5-1m-ROLL-OF-CARBON-FIBRE-SELF-ADHESIVE-VINYL-STICKY-BACK-PLASTIC-/321206527772?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item4ac966a71c but again have not done this before, so not sure if it will just as nasty as the shiny red stuff after a few knocks and scrapes... maybe just go back to black paint ? opinions welcomed...
  4. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    Big Breakfast reel wanted

    Hi All, Does anyone have any spare reels for the 90's BFM Big Breakfast fruit machine ?? I am after a replacement for my reel 3 which has a broken edge and crack running through it. (dont know if reel 3 is any different to reel 1?) Anyway, should anyone have such a thing, please let me know. Many thanks, GBB.
  5. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    In the spirit of completeness, just wanted to say thanks to all who helped me with this project. it is now up and running. I had to tuck the project away for xmas, cus there wasn't enough room in the lounge for both a fruit machine AND a Christmas tree, lol... so the fruity was tucked into a corner for the festive season... Since the Christmas tree has been put back in the loft now, so I thought it was time to get the BB fruity back out and see if I could get to the bottom of it's little quirks. Having reached the limit of what I thought I could do in relation to the track repair/memory error, I focused on the payout issue instead and had a play with the switch. (I had seen the chap I bought the machine off over xmas and asked if it was paying out prior to me buying it and he said yes.... hmmm,) So had a play with the back door switch and discovered that (maybe caused from being transported) the rear door does not push the switch all the way in when it is closed... and you have to push the door further in than it naturally wants to sit to get the switch to click. So, as a nice cheeky bodge used duck tape and taped the switch in, lol ... Tested it and hey presto we have payout..... and then as a double win.. the error 53 for the ram has disappeared. huzzah !! So, just a few dicky bulbs to sort out now... and if i'm going to get picky one of the reels is damaged, (added photo to folder at start of thread) but doubt i'll be able to get a replacement for it as it is specific to the BB theme, (unless someone happens to have one they broke down for bits somewhere) So, just wanted to thank everyone for their input, support and encouragement. Now I've definately earned my biscuit break !
  6. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    Big Breakfast MPU repair

  7. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    photos added to folder,,, Crude switch/jumper made to place the existing broken one.... still got error 53 though .. tried powering on with jumper open and then closing it and powering on again, still no joy clearing memory error. /confused ..
  8. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    Thanks Louie.. Checked voltage at the board and it is happy at 3.72 .. is the reset the SW3 switch next to the battery spot then ?? looks like its either been soldered together at some point previously, or I was sloppy with my soldering iron when I was working around there. Will have a go at de-soldering and disconnecting.. will I need to disconnect the battery again once I open the jumper? or leave powered off for any time to reset the ram ? <<edit>> looks like it was a previous repair as I de-soldered the one end it became apparent it was broken at the springed end,, just fell off... lol
  9. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    righty-ho ... replacement battery arrived yesterday, so spent the evening fitting it, double checking my work on the mpu and rang it through with multimeter, and hey presto... machine is a step closer... it now lights up and makes sound as it should.. no corrupted bits of audio. but,curiously still moans about memory error 53 on startup, so.am about to double check the board is getting voltage. but as yet, the little blighter wont pay out. any suggestions as to what to check next ?
  10. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    Cyberbob, I didnt actually buzz it with a meter, but only cus I didn't think that far ahead, lol. I suspect I should have done though cus it would have shown up the short circuit which became apparent when I plugged it back in and fired it up... (it spins the reels as normal, then lights power off and it starts nudging itself.. lol.) So, need to strip it back again this weekend and have another go.. I suspect it is where I soldered onto the track right next to the other solder spot... didnt look like it was shorting, but was too close to tell. Doh! (no celebratory biscuit for me ... yet, anyway.) Time to dust the multimeter off. lol
  11. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    Well,had a go last night.. (photos added to folder above) any eagle eyed person care to comment if they think I have got it all ? ... from what I could see it looked like just the four tracks under the battery spot .. I guess only time will tell when I plug it back in. Oh yeah,, and the shiny stuff around it is clear nail varnish,,, borrowed it off the mrs to help protect exposed tracks and hopefully stop corrosion.
  12. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    Oh Em Effing Gee ! Yep, that is what you call extreme bridging ! lol... bet that took you an evening or two !! ... suddenly makes me think mine could have been a LOT worse.
  13. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    ok, quick scalpel and polishing bit + dremmel and full extent of damage becoming apparent now... Photos added to folder.. Checked out your other page Louie.. nice repair.. loos like im gonna have to get my extra fine tipped soldering iron out. lol never done track bypass before, anyone got any tips ?
  14. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    ok, have cleaned with quick evaporating electrical cleaner, and the damage seems mostly superficial, the tracks appear intact. Photos added to album in post above. So next step get replacement battery and se if memory error goes away I guess... RE: volume, cannot see anything obvious to adjust it, but found the connector at the bottom edge of the board. got to go out soon, but will plug MPU back in if I get time when back home and see what happens.
  15. GreedyBiscuitBaron

    BFM Big Breakfast Fruity... noob help required.

    okey dokey,, battery now disconnected. so next step, unplug MPU and clean off corroded stuff and see what is left vs what contacts/tracks are still ok. I'll get on it. and post more pics.