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  1. peanut

    Open top door

    Sussed it out its all up and running I was given it By my brother who new nothing about it he had it 2 years and never switch it on it plays but there is no sound is there a switch anywhere on it
  2. peanut

    Open top door

    I have a deal or no deal scorpion 4 can anyone tell Me how to get the top door open so I can fill it with coins I have the keys
  3. peanut

    new to MPU

    reply options ok but nothing at bottom of screen so i have put photos in the gallery under peanuts pusher
  4. peanut

    peanuts pusher

  5. peanut

    new to MPU

    i dont know how to put pictures on
  6. peanut

    new to MPU

    c last friut was barcrest spiker the biker cannot remember the other 3 except they were £100 jackpots 2 juke boxs were wurlitzer lyrics 1973s one rock ola 1971 pinball were a 1991 partyzone last one was a 1976 bally space oddesey my brother has a deal or no deal hes had it 2 years lost the keys the day he bought it and never used it might try and get that off him the pusher is great but all the skiers are missing along with the chain and bottom sprocket love to try and find the parts
  7. hello eveyone i swaped my old pinball for a silver skis 6 player pusher my wife loves the things when i got the pusher home it went into my garage for some mods it took 6 people to lift/drag the thing i then took it to bits and removed 11" from one side of it with a saw and angle grinder put a new hard board back on it its now only a 3 player so goes up against a wall but best of all is only 25" wide so goes though internal doors its works great i love any arcade toys and though the years have had 4 friutys 2 pinballs and 3 jukeboxs now just this pusher thinking now of buiding a large shed in back garden and having 4 or 5 machine sort of mini arcade just for personal use