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  1. Cheers Alex, nice little release. You forgot to remove the outline box from the words Lucky Arrows, easily done.
  2. Cheers for this tommy........reminds me of my days at Brighton Pier
  3. Thanks for the update, look forward to playing this tonight Player.
  4. Your best bet is to search for the machines on fleabay (if you are lucky) and obtain images. Barcrest - Double Up 2.zip Bell Fruit - Cash Wise 1.zip
  5. Seconded! Read all the replies and that's as I'd have posted... So good luck and thanks
  6. I was not only interested in this comment Re percentage v's holding reels...but also the spelling too... When I was at school (mabey around the time this was out) I was told it was spelt 'skillful' lol (Edit was wrong image uploaded)
  7. Interesting read...thanks for the thread.
  8. New resources/projects in Kent. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/3-Old-Fruit-Machines-Bullseye-TV-Show-Theme-Park-/120680978780?pt=UK_Video_Games_Coin_Operated_MJ&hash=item1c1925995c (sorry can't fint the ebay topic)
  9. ady

    signing in

    Posted by chasnbons at FE @ 09:30 TODAY.
  10. Ahhhh I see what you mean, cheers for the info..... I remember someone doing that to me when I was winning Dr Who...it was so low they withdrew it...then erm it was for sale again the next day with loads of bids....and a start of £28 insted of 99p. To make matters worse its an FME member on One of the forums
  11. Great win...........love that clubber Why's that aa?
  12. My old Bodymatch has sat here since November...Just got a corker of a pcb in the JPM Nudge Nudge...but the berk plugged the reels into the PSU directly and it really don't want to know....but hopefully theres a DX on the way. Anyway after my history.... Before I go to the Tip.... Anyone need any bits for projects?, the looms are complete and Old 10p tubes etc... All I am keeping is the reel bands, Glass and decals of course.....and TTX has the pcb earmarked. Not a lot left after that but if anything is needed all it will cost is the postage. Ady
  13. I think you'll find that's called selective quoting Alth Now this resistor niallquinn, I might need that for my blown BodyMatch if its still going
  14. Fair point. Not easily offended NQ matie, but like you don't come here to view it bud. We are on 'the same side here' and I may have sounded 'offish' (sorry for that). My point was I did click One, but just to add a reply ... a reply on One we all agree on......I can make a judgement as I have never seen Barcrest dare release a machine that taboo lol... Peace and all that fella
  15. Ady thinks NQ may retract this after seeing all the threads etc..... I opened it as I read a LIGIT thread mate and the reply was leading to porn site..... So NQ as you know the score...............should I open no threads just to keep you happy.............or may I open 'proper Ones' and should the reply lead to porn keep my gob shut? No nobody did as you CORRECTLY said..........then I didn't expect the replies....hence my saying..."worse than the last"
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