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    love playing fruit machines but not realy for money i just like to relive my younger days.

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    no I am not I just love fruitys

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  1. tonyfreeplay

    Hello Everyone Need Maygay Help

    Hi Ihave homers meltdawn. When you say lcd do you mean the blut led display? When you say it stays on for 30 seconds do you mean its on during post. Power up. Does it stay on in attract mode or does it go off when the lights start flashing. Sorry for all the questions but im trying to findout if the led is faulty or anything else it maybe. Also you say it goes off. Is this completely or does it flicker. When it is on does in display correctley. I think that enough questions for now And finally welcome
  2. tonyfreeplay

    hello from cardiff

    Yeah I guess they are abit new for most guys here. I love fruitys and cannot seem to get any of the 90's machines. But nevermind if I can I will get some oneday I hope
  3. tonyfreeplay

    hello from cardiff

    lol i am engaged long story i will explain in person if we meet don't want to explain on here. but yes one of the machines i got was because my Leanne loved it. as long as its not in her house i can fill my boots!!!
  4. tonyfreeplay

    hello from cardiff

    there are my gang 2 photos of each one turned off and one turned on. hope this come out ok. i bet your can all name them but we will see. i will post answers soon
  5. tonyfreeplay

    My Babies

  6. tonyfreeplay

    hello from cardiff

    sorry everyone i did complete a first post but for some reason it was blank. i was using IE hate it. my name is tony and i live in cardiff. people that know me think i am mad as i have sold all my front room furniture to make way for my own arcade. well i call it an arcade i have 9 fruitys at the moment. i love nothing more that to just play them or just watching then all lined up warms the cockles of my heart. all the bulbs have to be working as this is a big bug bare i have. i am thinking of doing the same with the bedroom and i will fit more fruitys in my arcade too. i wonder if there are any events for fruity lovers like the retro gamers have with replay. if not would anyone be interested in a freeplay event just to keep the glmbling comission at bay. any profits could go to charity. nice people could lend their collections for the event and anyone with lots of spar parts could bring them to meet and trade with like minded people. well enough about me i guess you will want to meet the gang soon so i will take pictures of them and up them up soon. i can do a video but remember the room is not yet finished. thanks for your time reading this. Tony