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  1. Have this - prob £1 but never got it to boot (not sure what devices are without scraping labels - don't feel like they have a window) - suspect at least one has gone bad but perhaps JP code is written on only one ROM?
  2. yeah, between us all we could fill in a lot of gaps ... ... they didn't mention this one but a cracker it looks ... what AL based Big Apple on? (saving a space in my lounge for one of these)
  3. haha, you not getting off that easy! not old enough to remember but like you, interested in the details (would be happy to curate a page for Carfield/DN, Summit and aforementioned R.V.S. if it took off, maybe even Barcrest MPU1&2, if no one else up for it - maybe focus initially on periods of production for the bigger companies whose output spanned several decades, then compile master lists later?) lot of the 70's rebuilds, is difficult to know who was behind them without names on glass but sometimes you can make an educated guess, like when a MAM Inn Play Lucky Stepper turn
  4. be good to include them all, test machines, rebuilds ... would say if a custom cab used, like LG Big Apple etc., then a build, not a rebuild but anyone could start with a page for Leisure Games etc. and add info if known, like base machines used/'custom build', or notes like [clone/sister machine to ...] R.V.Smith (Engineering) Ltd. (1975-77) Blackjack (5p/50p tokens) (electro-mechanical, 240v) [5p/£1 tokens reglass] (1978-80) Windfall (5p/£1 tokens) (electro-mechanical) (1981-83) Star Queen (10p/£2 tokens) would be a case of improving on accuracy as
  5. would be interesting to see (at a glance) what new games were competing with each other in any given season, any year, from say 1975-95 (and older) probably no more than about a dozen games in any year, from any one manufacturer (club machines and AWPs), for domestic market but be interesting to get input from members in mainland europe and beyond, on export games by british manufacturers (although some would be dual release, under different names on different stake etc.) a comprehensive trade paper collection would be invaluable for dates (years of release) where jackpot values fall
  6. be interested to follow any progress Alan - nice one for taking it on (and to Ashley for offering up here)
  7. Suit Pursuit looked cool and potentially fun to play - would be nice to see one again (working) one day
  8. Just getting them to sit nicely (open) on a desk is a challenge - wish they'd made the boards unplug - looks pretty organised.
  9. Have these (some years) - Epoch boards came from a Simpsons Duff Beer Guide, working when dismantled (had suffered damage to glass/door frame) - nothing to test in - best to assume may need repair. Heber with daughter board deffo didn't work - maybe useful for parts? Heber with Sunny Streak ROMs came from an early 3-player set up with top box, acquired dismantled and never reconnected - nothing to test in - best to assume may need repair. If of any interest, can be posted for £3.10 2nd Class Small Parcel (anything anyone prepared to offer much appreciated and will help with
  10. Wow. Not sure where to begin. Only recall one previous deal with (instigated by) you and recollection of it nothing like what you describe above (straightforward and relatively quick, with some deliberation on your side). Know we've had our differences but didn't consider reason to stand in way of a mutually acceptable trade (respect your position though, if that's the way you feel). Will give what you've said some serious thought.
  11. Not exactly what you're asking for but CopperRun still here, tidy, working and with your name penciled on it, for GG ...
  12. 1 Side By Side 2 Cash Climber 3 Dream Machine +1 for Adders :-)
  13. paulgee

    Mpu3 frustration!

    Important to remember no two motors are necessarily the same (been there!) - if replacement motors came from a working deck, drum hub pins drifted out with relative ease and plates marked, replacement motor slot positions also need to follow motors to other plates - had a motor go stiff to point the drive is adversely affected/creates an alarm but as Nick says, very rare. If a motor is removed from its support plate, same exact position in relation to slots needs to be replicated on new support plate, or rechecked/set as follows: Using software that "first phase" energises reels at s
  14. paulgee


    has anyone got one, or the ROMs for one? swaps/beer tokens available/waiting ...
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