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  1. Wanted club attraction

    Club Grandstand project

    Hi All a longshot but has anyone got a reel to replace this damaged one please ?? or anyone who can make me one or where I can get one made be much appreciated thanks G
  2. Wanted club attraction

    System 85

    Sometimes the game card does not sit it tight try giving it a wiggle me and DJ both had this problem with a game card
  3. Wanted club attraction

    PCP Variety Club mpu4

  4. Wanted club attraction

    MPU4 Testing and Repair

    Out of interest what Machine is it?
  5. Wanted club attraction

    MFME Front end

    Get that built Dj and I can get rid of all my machines and just have that no more hassle
  6. Wanted club attraction

    Barcrest Psu problem

    The reels go to turn but stop it like it’s resetting itself
  7. Wanted club attraction

    Barcrest Psu problem

    Hi all my psu has started to do this it’s not the board as I put the psu into another machine that was working and that does the same thing anybody had this problem before with a Psu thanks in advance G IMG_2321.MOV
  8. Wanted club attraction

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    Tried to get into test mode no joy it just hangs at this shame as part from that the board would probably work
  9. Wanted club attraction

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    So will be a switch fault on the board then that right?
  10. Wanted club attraction

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    Much appreciated
  11. Wanted club attraction

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    Machine not in refill mode unless the board can be stuck in refill mode although it does the normal attract mode oddly enough this was the board that came in Ritz that I had off you john all then years ago. It stopped taking coins in that like I say I’ve put this into my jackpot machine and same problem I’ve put the origanal board back in and it takes coins etc but will reboot itself durning play
  12. Wanted club attraction

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    Hi all picked up a jackpot machine last week the board in the machine keeps doing a reset every now and then I know this will get worse over time so I had a spare board I’ve put that in but it does not give credit when coins are put in makes the noise for accepting the coin and can hear the meter counting it in it’s not the coin mech or the cable as it works fine with the other board in place video uploaded any one any ideas as to what the problem is please and does anyone fix these thanks in advance IMG_2041.MOV
  13. Wanted club attraction

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    Where is the best place to get rifas tried eBay but had trouble with the seller cheers Gaz
  14. Wanted club attraction

    BFM Pick of the Pack

    Great machine this I have one and love it
  15. Wanted club attraction

    Mpu4/mod4 sound?

    Hi yes you twist that around for the volume