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  1. Hi all Just had the above machine delivered. Not totally dead. Mains lights on only. Power supply tested and seems OK. 2 green lights on board. Battery was removed. Tiny bit of damage but belled tracks and seems OK. Any ideas?
  2. Hi. Still looking for a set of chips for italian job please. Trying to insert pictures but giving an error
  3. andeejay


    Hi. Every time I log in, I have to put I my details then it says password incorrect. I've clicked remember me. I then have to request a password reset and start again. Any help?
  4. Hi guys. Does anyone have a set of proms please for italian job maygay epoch. It's the red one so version 2? My chips are not firing up. Board works fine as swapped with homers meltdown and works perfectly. Need the 2 sound and 2 game please.
  5. Hi guys. I'm still having problems with this m1a board... Had a guy have a quick repair on it but it's playing up now. 12+ chattering... Have had a good few hours on it myself with a meter and iron but still can't find the issue. MOV_0232.mp4
  6. hi, anyone local to wolves area that i can take my coin mechs to for programming please?
  7. hi, sorry been away. machine works no problem. managed to get a few flash drives off a local hoarder mate of mine. its now flashed with juggling jackopt and you cannot tel the difference. only the featuers are differently named. this machine is up for sale now
  8. hi guys hope your all well. managed to land another 3 machines the weekend ! ( the misses face was a picture ! ) one of them has got my head scratching ! its money magic, in a maygay cabinet, opened it up and is loaded with one of them crappy eclipse boards. Now the game that is loaded is called "warped" and it nearly works with "money magic" but makes no sense when in game play. so, its obvious that someone has flashed the machine with the wrong game. Next to come then - does anyone have the correct flash eclipse or point me in the direction of help? Its actually "money magic we need to re load into the machine. Ive never seen or done this so bit of help would be great. Im not keeping this machine and will be for sale but only when its working correctly. many thanks in advance for any assistance.... andy
  9. ah its the barcrest extreme gaming...DR WOO....oh nice beaver pic !
  10. lol.....what sort of pics? back front...or cheeky insides?
  11. hi guys. very long time...im back from the dead lol ! hope your all well?? not been about but im back in the country now... managed to pick up some fruties along the way though! barcrest extreme gaming, beaver las vegas and hommers meltdown again ... issue on the barcrest mpu5 - it has one of them plug in datacomm boxes and wont work properly. it was plugged in via its data cable and is powered up, m/c says NO DATAPORT COMMS AL71 there are 2 wires floating with this box that are not attached to anything, perhaps come off somewhere? look like door switch connections? any one had dealings with before?
  12. funny enough yeah ! oohh lets take it to auction .....cant wait to hear the sounds on it
  13. Hi guys, sorry not been on for a bit....been really busy and had no fruity playing time... having an issue with the above machine.... its coming up on the power up screen (initializing) FATAL ERROR IIC 1..... IM PRESSUMING THE WORST HAS HAPPENED !!! any ideas guys ? many thanks andy
  14. nah dont be silly phil. its obv the plug in card. ive played the machine for an hour, it throws a wobbly when initialise saying sound error and ram but i expected that. Its def the card mate.....
  15. thank you......all hugged and forgot..... ok back to it...... will i need a new plug in card...so then i just swap the 3 chips ?
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