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  1. Phil1974


    Love the win again great machine
  2. Phil1974

    Help needed

    Hi, forward us your address details and I will pop a new lock in the post for you Monday 😊
  3. Phil1974

    Project coin creepy cash

    I think it’s the same, maybe different jackpot, I will post a video once it’s up and running 😊
  4. Phil1974

    Project coin creepy cash

    Yes no worries let me give it a good clean it’s filthy it’s been in storage for years,
  5. Evening chaps, well over the weekend and today I have managed to pick up a couple more machines,, creepy is new to me, I haven’t ever seen this one ..
  6. Phil1974

    The first fruity..

    Fantastic write up is the chap still a mecca member I wonder ..
  7. Phil1974

    New toys

    Hi and welcome hope you enjoy your stay ..
  8. Phil1974

    Wanted Old size 10p coins

    I dread to think what machines you have now then Stef :((
  9. Phil1974


    There is one on eBay with many issues I wouldn’t touch that unless you know your way around an Mpu3 machine ...
  10. Phil1974

    Wanted a mps cabinet

    Rat race is coming on nicely a few more jobs to do yet.. reel crazy next if I ever find a cab for her..
  11. Phil1974

    Jpm plus money deluxe reel bands

    Sadly it happens far too often these days, prices have gone daft ..
  12. Phil1974

    Jpm plus money deluxe reel bands

    Another, £50 it was non working and it needed a board, and a lower front door / coin Mec update too.. I moved it on for money back to slotto it’s not a bad machine.. and it looks great in his collection now..
  13. Phil1974

    Jpm plus money deluxe reel bands

    Sorry it was me but I paid a little more than the £150 probably with all the interest he was getting.
  14. Phil1974

    Wanted a mps cabinet

  15. Phil1974

    Wanted a mps cabinet

    Nick it was in terrible state, it fell through the trailer I got it from,,,