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  1. Hi folks,, I am after a top glass for a smash and grab £3 .. what I have to offer is Either a set of frog it glasses,, / fruit snappa / win sprint .. some have lamp masks on them .. they are in pairs ..
  2. Supatrack I believe it was before the parts Were stripped from it 🙈
  3. That looks familiar mate, hope you enjoy it :))
  4. Welcome Steve , hope you enjoy the site
  5. Yes I loved Perth, I was there for three years, then I went back to Melbourne, I had a apartment in st Kilda and family there, I spent many happy years in Australia 😄 wish I was 20 years younger and could do it all again,,
  6. Hi Simon, the machine is an old time classic, and I agree the gamble ladder was tricky to say the least,, thank you for sharing 👍
  7. Hi mate, I used to live in Perth many moons ago, kings park over looking Perth city,, hope you enjoy your stay here 😄
  8. Token tube, on the way to you Chris 👍
  9. Send us your address details pls ,, you can either send it back when ever you have done with it, or keep it , just make a donation to the site,, if that’s ok ,, cheers
  10. Yes all fine and this was today’s addition
  11. It’s still here in the apartment in Weatherby
  12. There is more coming next week unfortunately space is a issue so I can’t possibly keep everyone I find,, but that’s my enjoyment finding them playing them and letting someone else enjoy them ..
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