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  1. quattrohead

    Club Climber MPU4 issue, any help grateful

    Will it go into test mode and then inputs test.
  2. quattrohead

    MFME v19 Release

    Thanks, seems my account is borked.
  3. quattrohead

    MFME v19 Release

    OK so I finally have a stable Windows 10 machine but cannot recover or create a new account on desert island. Help an old fuck out please.
  4. FUCK ME what the hell is this LOL Fascinating machine and looks horrendously dangerous with 240 flying around all over the place. 3rd and 5th pictures there are quite a few wires, where do they go to ?
  5. quattrohead

    MPS2 Sound issue

    C11 looks like it is off it's legs. The LM380 do fail a lot on MPS, check the speaker too. Quick check of these 2, create an alarm by holding down a coin input....the alarm signal is created elsewhere and injected right into the LM380 bypassing the volume control.
  6. quattrohead

    New arrivals today

    I want the Nudge Bonanza and a set of Lootshoot glasses please !!!!
  7. quattrohead


    No you cannot, the various component tolerances in each unit will be a little different. However, I think it is fair to say you could put the new VR3 in around the same position as the original AS LONG AS IT HAS NOT BEEN MOVED and it could be close enough.
  8. quattrohead


    It must be difficult to deal with us morons on the interwebs Andrew, you are so clever.
  9. quattrohead

    MPS2 Bank Raid now won't boot up :(

    You have to start with the basic's. First of all plug the PSU cable into the MPS and nothing else at all. You have got to learn how to use a meter and read a schematic diagram otherwise you are pissing into the wind. Gear up properly and we can help you along, but we need the technical effort from your end.
  10. quattrohead

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    MPS is very tolerant of the reels not being in the right position after it has setup, so I think Tris is right and it would seem there is an issue with the reel MPU controller chip. Unfortunately it is a programmed chip and I think the only method is a known working pulled from another board.
  11. quattrohead

    Maygay Procon PSU help if possible!! :)

    I feel that 12+ - is too high, try loading them up with a car type bulb, 5W will do the trick and then see what the voltage is. Your +15 is low, possibly knackered capacitor. I absolutly would not plug a board into this power supply until you are 100% sure it is fully repaired, those boards are difficult to find now.
  12. quattrohead

    Jpm Silverpot (classic)

    No love for us Windows 7 users ?
  13. quattrohead

    Which Machine?

    www.google.com/search?q=l298n+driver+module Should give you plenty of idea's to drive the stepper motors.
  14. quattrohead

    MPU 4 PSU Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor search

    https://www.newark.com/cornell-dubilier/slpx153m025a9p3/aluminum-electrolytic-capacitor/dp/97M5161 and https://www.newark.com/cornell-dubilier/slpx682m050a9p3/aluminum-electrolytic-capacitor/dp/97M5368?ICID=mcm-redirect-product BTW I measured my 35yr old capacitors and they were 100% fine, they were Philips units if that makes a difference.
  15. quattrohead

    Dicky Winks Lockdown Project MPU4 Test Rig

    Was there a printer involved ???